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Proper firewood storage and drying is important so that you'll have the correct moisture content when it is burned. If you are asking the question - what is the best way to dry wet firewood - the answer to this question begins immediately after the wood is cut.

If possible, you should let the wood season for about 4 to 6 months after cutting it. Before using it, the wood can then be split. And if you buy fire wood and have it delivered, don't just accept claims that it has been properly seasoned.

Take a look and see if there are cracks on the firewood ends. Wood should shrink as it dries out which will leave cracks.

Correct firewood storage and drying means that properly seasoned wood should appear weathered. And if you'll be burning oak, it should no longer have that smell of wood just recently cut.

With practice, you may even know the difference between fresh wood's weight and the lighter weight of seasoned wood. Fresh wood, of course, has a higher moisture content which causes it to weigh more.

You can purchase wood by the cord. A full cord measures 8' x 4' x 4' and that means the wood is stacked neatly, not just piled into a pickup truck bed of the same size.

As for proper firewood storage and drying, the correct moisture content is about 20%. If it’s much higher, the wood will not burn properly. If it’s a lot lower, the wood will burn too quickly – neither being desirable.

If you really want to regularly and accurately know the changing moisture content of your wood, you may want to invest in a wood moisture meter.

A quality moisture meter can quickly and easily indicate whether the wood is ready to be burned safely.

With moisture content, there's an important SAFETY issue to understand. Burning wood that has too much moisture in it will cause a buildup of creosote in the chimney.

Creosote buildup not only reduces your fireplace efficiency, it can cause chimney fires. Always know the moisture content of the wood burned on a regular basis.

Having some variation in the sizes (thickness) of the pieces is good. Smaller thinner pieces will ignite more easily, and thicker pieces will burn longer. The firewood storage and drying process only begins once it is cut and split into the correct sizes. Remember, it’s the bark that holds in the moisture.

If you are purchasing wood, find out when it was cut, split and properly stacked so that you’ll know when it will be ready for burning. If you buy your freshly cut wood in the spring, you’ll be able to manage the firewood storage and drying process yourself.

Here's more info on what is the best way to dry wet firewood...

Place the woodpile where the sun will warm it and cause water to evaporate from it. And locate it where the wind will blow on it so that the wind will carry the evaporating moisture away.

What is the best way to dry wet firewood means to stack it in a row no more than about four feet high. If you stack it much higher, it will be more likely to fall over with time.

If you make several rows, be sure to have adequate space between the rows so the wind can blow through it.

Proper procedure means you should store it off the ground to minimize mold, rot and insect infestation. This is where a rack is helpful to keep the woodpile arranged neatly. Using a rack will provide better circulation of the air throughout the woodpile and reduce mold, rot and insect infestation.

Think about the use of tarps and storage of firewood and rain protection.

By covering the woodpile with a plastic or canvas tarp or metal roofing, the firewood will be protected from the elements so that it dries more quickly and then stays dry.

Tarps and storage of firewood and rain protection will ensure proper treatment of your wood and therefore better burning firewood.

And as you and your family, friends and guests are enjoying the warmth and beauty of that wonderful, cozy's why we work so hard, to be able to have times together like this.

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Hopefully, the information on this page has provided answers and helped you better understand how to have wood that performs for you just as you want.

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