Outside firewood storage rack information and firewood storage container examples.

Are you looking for outside firewood storage rack information? Storage racks for firewood come in a wide variety of styles.

The most common type is made from tubular steel which is sturdy, lightweight and durable. You can usually buy steel brackets that allow you to add wood 2x4's to create the size and capacity rack that you need.

These types of fire wood racks are usually available in face cord or half-face cord sizes.

A face cord is 8' by 4' and a half face cord is 4' by 4'. These will work great if you have a space that you want to fill that is a size somewhat unusual.

The correct moisture content for wood tht has been properly seasoned to be burned is about 20%.

If it’s much higher, it won't burn as it should and if it’s a lot lower, burning will happen too quickly – neither situation is good.

When stacking the holders and racks with wood, make sure you place it in parallel or perpendicular rows. Air circulation is crucial because air reduces moisture and vermin infestation.

If you really want to regularly know the changing moisture content of the wood, you may wish to invest in a moisture meter for wood. You may also find it convenient to have your stacking racks close to your house and off the ground.

If you have a basement, to store some of the firewood under the basement stairs and off the floor is also a good firewood storage idea.

Wood should be kept off the ground to avoid rot, beetles, termites and many other insects.

Another convenient fire wood storage idea is to have several woodboxes on your patio, fireplace or porch that will allow you to store several days worth of pieces nearby.

That way, you'll not need to make the trip to the main woodpile during bad weather. A lid or canvas cover keeps everything dry if your porch is uncovered.

Keeping your wood covered with plastic, canvas or some type of metal covering reduces the amount of moisture it gets from rain and snow.

And when there is air circulation through and around the pieces, the moisture content becomes stable which means you have better burning wood.

Insects and termites will be attracted to wood, so keep it off the ground and as far away as possible from your building.

The best to use in your stove or fireplace are hardwoods - oak, walnut and hickory are great since they burn hot and burn longer.

Use softwoods as kindling since these types burn more easily and faster - pine, cedar and spruce, for example. And no matter what kind you'll be burning, be sure that it's dry and seasoned.

Decorative firewood storage racks and traditional steel log hoops make good choices for storing where you want something that looks good. You can find storage racks with attractive decorative designs that you may enjoy.

Outdoor firewood storage racks designs, round firewood racks and moose firewood rack examples

Steel Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack Designs

• This decorative log outdoor firewood storage rack designs can be used by the fireplace, porch or patio.
• Available in several sizes and made of powder-coated tubular steel with galvanized hardware and rubber feet.
• Holder has side supports and will keep your pieces dry.

Round firewood racks

Panacea 40-Inch Solid Steel Log Hoop Round Firewood Racks

• These round firewood racks provide storage for your fireplace.
• Round storage rack makes it the obvious choice for porch, patio and fireplace storage.

Rustic moose firewood rack for storage

Bear & Moose Firewood Rack and Log Holder

• Moose log rack or moose firewood rack stores logs for your fireplace.
• High quality wrought iron wood racks are made with a baked on powder coated finish for long life and durability.
• Dimensions are 16 wide x 16 high x 16 deep. Made in the USA.

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