Here are the basics for creating a fish pond water garden and also some backyard pond ideas.

If you are wanting to build a fish pond water garden and to create backyard pond designs, the information below covers some of the basic considerations.

To design a garden pond and backyard pond waterfalls, there are certain things that should be considered before the earth, rocks and water are moved around. Here is information to help make your fish pond water garden turn out the way you want.

If you are a beginner water gardener who is thinking about doing this for the first time, learn as much as possible before starting the work or buying anything.

Decide on the location of your water garden. Before doing any excavation, you should contact the appropriate utility companies to see where underground utilities are located.

A factor in the location is how your land slopes. If the land has a low-lying area, stay away from this kind of area as a location because lawn chemicals will accumulate and be toxic to plant or fish life.

What about sun and shade? The amount of sunshine available is important if you'll be growing aquatic plants that need several hours of sun a day to grow and stay healthy. If you will be raising fish, less sun exposure will be better.

What size water garden do you want? To design a garden pond and waterfall, make sure the size is appropriate for the area that is available in your backyard.

Will you have a garden pond and waterfall? It is possible to use rocks and stones make a stream and fish pond water garden that looks very natural.

The sound made by a waterfall can be most pleasant and relaxing.

Another important consideration is what water garden type you would like to have. Water ponds that are pre-formed can be found in several different shapes and sizes.

If you are a beginner, this kind is good because they tend to last a long time and they resist puncturing very well.

While this style is fairly easy to put in, it does require some amount of expertise to create a hole that is the exact shape of the liner.

If you have more experience, using a flexible liner can be the choice. Installation is fairly easy and you can create much more interesting and elaborate water features since liners are being used.

If you want a water garden made of concrete, please use the services of a professional.

When all is said and done, one should consider reading one of the popular books on designing and building a functional fish pond water garden.

Books about how to design a garden pond.

Pond Building for Hobbyists by Aquascape Lifestyles Books.

This book is one to read before plunging into building. Its contents include how to build a preformed pond, how to create a pond-less waterfall and specific instructions on building an ecosystem pond.

Includes maintenance information, caring for plants and necessities for having fish.

Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants by Authors Greg Speichert and Sue Speichert.

This resource covers water gardening, aquatic designs, how to deal with diseases, types of plants to use in your pond and much more.

Covers basics for a fish pond water garden, design a garden pond, how to layout a fish pond water garden and design a garden pond, backyard pond ideas and designs.

The Master Book of the Water Garden by Phillip Swindells.

This resource is a practical guide to designing and maintaining the water garden. You will find specific instructions on ponds, waterfalls, bogs, wet streams, dry streams, water meadows and fountains.

Not only are the above mentioned subjects covered, there's even more on decking, walkways, lighting, bridges, filters and raising plants.

The different liner types are explained, info on cleaning them, how to maintain them and a discussion of the seasonal impact on upkeep.

How to design a water garden, choosing plants, selecting the location plus what size should you have. Special side notes on problem solving are found throughout this great resource. If you only buy one reference on creating your own fish pond water garden, this is the one to get. All About Building Waterfalls, Ponds and Streams by Ortho's Series - All About Gardening.

This guide comes with instructions about adding ponds, designing and maintaining your backyard pond. Learn how to select fish and plants for your ponds.

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