You can have garage overhead storage and racks without giving up floor space!

Garage overhead storage and racks provides you extra space for keeping things, either suspended from the joists or built between the joists and rafters.

A home garage overhead storage system and overhead garage ceiling storage can be compartmentalized into several areas:

• Sports equipment and bicycles storage.
• Workshop, equipment and tools.
• Laundry room with shelving or cabinets, laundry baskets or hampers.
• Overhead storage for garage and laundry supplies.
• Firewood.
• Documents.
• Shoes and boots section.
• Seasonal items section.
• Garden tools and supplies.
• Lawn mower and supplies.

Garage overhead storage shelves shown below can be used in the garage and laundry room.

You can store camping equipment, laundry supplies, document boxes or tax records, Christmas or other holidays ornaments, cushions and suitcases.

Seasonal items or other types of clutter that you want to keep are better organized in smaller boxes.

If you use larger boxes, it may be more difficult to move them around. Make sure you also label each box and your shelves or cabinets for easier access to specific items.

Several overhead or suspended shelving can be installed side by side, either suspended from the joists or built between the joists and rafters.

The length of the verticals can be adjusted depending on the height of the ceiling and the amount of clearance you need for the items.

To store most of your items off the floor - you should find a wide variety of available racks, garage storage ideas and units.

Books about home and garage storage.

Organizing Your Home - De-cluttering Solutions and Storage Ideas by Emily Wilska.

This reference has been created for those who learn visually. Learn how to become organized, a practical step at a time.

Subjects included range from clearing the clutter and dealing with clothing, towels, tools and bills to creating systems that work in the home for organizing and keeping all your belongings.

Step-by-step instructions in combination with the full-color photos will assist you in getting the project finished both quickly and easily.

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