Enjoy the convenience and beauty of gas fireplace logs and fireplace gas insert log.

Using artificial gas fireplace logs instead of real wood in a wood-burning fireplace will have several advantages. Or perhaps you are checking out the options and costs for adding a gas log fireplace to your home.

Fireplace gas logs create the look of real firewood, they are more efficient and require no maintenance. And you will no longer need to chop wood, season it, store it and deal with the care and cleanup that burning wood requires.

Gas fireplace logs are made of ceramic that duplicates real firewood. They come in a variety of textures including knots and color.

This kind of fire is also quite realistic, smoke free, beautiful and as warming as real wood burning.

A lot of people won't be able to even notice the difference between a wood burning or a gas log fireplace with gel-fuel that produces no sparks, odors or ashes.

Fireplaces with gas log sets can be:

•1- Vented gas log sets will use a chimney to vent the gases from when the set is burning.

•2- Unvented gas log sets, ventfree fireplace gas logs or vent-free gas log sets can function with the chimney damper closed, keeping all the heat in the house.

You will be able to choose either vented or ventless models. The vented type was the first to be developed. This style has logs that can simply be placed into a fireplace and the chimney will carry out the exhaust gases.

Models available today produce realistic looking yellow flames that flicker just like a real wood fire would. In general, the vented units will have the most realistic looking flames.

There are models available where gas flows through a vermiculite or sand bed that allows different paths to be followed to the surface, resulting in a flame pattern that is constantly changing.

The major advantage of the ventless gas logs fireplaces or ventfree fireplace gas logs is that nearly all the heat will remain indoors where you want it.

One important note - be sure and use a licensed gas installer professional to install your unit.

And most likely, a building permit and inspection will be required - check with your local building department.

An option you may want to consider with fireplace gas logs is - can you adjust the flames to be larger or smaller, producing more or less heat. Some models come with this capability.

If you'll be using natural gas, you'll need piping appropriate for this fuel type. Propane also requires piping to your fireplace from a propane tank. Outdoors, bottled propane can be an option.

If you are looking for information about how to light the gas log fireplace, make sure you read in detail your owner's manual.

The manual should have detailed information. At the end of the winter season, it is a good idea to shut the pilot off. You will save energy and money!

Check out online the various models, features and capabilities of gas fireplace logs and gas logs accessories fireplace - you'll find they include the latest technologies that make owning a these kinds of home products a most enjoyable experience.

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