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Grab bars brushed nickel and grab bars nickel refer to bathroom grab bars made with nickel alloy, the silver-white metal that resists corrosion very well. Nickel can be finished and polished to be lustrous and shiny, or it can be finished with a smooth satin finish, which is not as shiny.

Make sure the ADA grab bars are well anchored to framing studs - just glued or screwed to the wallboard or tile will not work and will not support a person's body weight. Here are grab bars nickel and related bathroom safety products that are available online.

ADA Grab Bars - for Your Bathrooms Decor

ADA Grab Bars - awaken your bathrooms decor

• ADA Grab bars are available in polished brass, chrome, polished chrome and brass, satin nickel and brushed nickel.
• Available matching accessories including a towel hooks, bath robe hook, and towel ring to match shower safety grab bar.

Curve ADA Grab Bars - Stand Safely

Curve ADA Grab Bar - Stand Safely

• Installation of ADA grab bars should be done with the appropriate security and the proper mounting hardware.
• User to easily rise from a sitting position by providing 4 hand grips at 4 different heights.

Helping Handle Bed Grab Bars

Helping Handle Bed Grab Bar

This safety grab bar provides support to anyone who needs help of a handhold device. This grip bar can be adjusted to fit most conventional beds that have a mattress and a box spring.

If you are looking to remodel to accommodate a disability - you can find prescreened contractors in your area.

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