Tips for green interior design and eco green design renovations.
Green design housing and decorating is good for your health and pocket book!

If you are planning to decorate your home with green interior design, make sure you use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint, varnishes, waxes, solvents, polishes and finishes. Green design housing and green design materials are your best choices for your health, your family and the pocket book!

Other items in the home that contain VOC's are carpets, padding, plywood, particle board, wood paneling, heating fuels, household cleaning products and any other products that contain benzene, formaldehyde, ethanol, xylenes, and toluene.

Green design materials are less toxic for the home environment because it should use less chemicals, pollutants and toxic materials, allowing indoor air in the house to be healthier for the entire family.

Organic food...safe cleaning products...natural materials...non-toxic paints...chemical free linens...sustainable clothing...where to start?

In addition to eco-friendly appliances, sustainable flooring and nonpolluting cabinets there are some other green interior design things that you should consider for your kitchen.

While it’s great to be sure that you are putting in eco-friendly materials for your major elements, what about some of the other things that you add to the room to embellish your decor?

One thing you might consider for your table is bamboo. Now, I mean actual bamboo not the fake stuff that looks like bamboo - you want to choose furniture that is made from bamboo which is grown on eco-friendly plantation’s.

Bamboo grows pretty quickly so harvesting it to make furniture has a minimal impact on the environment because new bamboo can be planted to quickly replace what has been cut down. Not only that, but it is durable, water resistant and anti-microbial.