Use green kitchen design ideas and tips, modern kitchen design trends.

Using green kitchen design ideas means reusing materials, leftovers, using non-toxic and long lasting materials and recycling. Green kitchen design ideas also means using materials that are considered to be renewable and the kinds of materials that will last a long time.

To remodel your kitchen with new cabinets, counter-tops and appliances every five years is not considered green kitchen design.

Flooring options are major issues in any home because you have so many choices today, and if you are trying to reuse materials and be green...you should salvage and restore what you already have.

If you have a solid wood floor, try to sand and refinish it or perhaps paint or stencil the floor with no-VOC refinishing products and paints to match your decor.

If you have decided to replace your solid wood kitchen floor with some other option, make sure you use the wood boards for another project or donate it to any building-materials supplier. It makes no sense to trow away solid wood boards in the landfills.

The best green kitchen flooring design today seems to be bamboo, eucalyptus and cork because they are renewable, earth-friendly and in the case of the cork, the tree does not get destroyed when the cork is extracted.

The only issue to be concerned, when installing these floors, are the glues and finishes used - some have synthetic formaldehyde resins.

Try to use products that are non-toxic or low or no VOC sealants (VOC=volatile organic compounds), use non-toxic adhesives, finishes, cleansers, polishes, and refinishing products. Your home will be a healthier environment, will produce less toxins and have better indoor air quality.

Even if you buy low VOC paint or low VOC floor finishes...do not assume that your are 100% protecting your health and your families.

We are exposed to so many chemicals that, nothing is 100%...what is important is to go with Eco-friendly and greener products for a better environment.

Hardwood floors are also desirable, because they can last forever, but they frequently are made from old-growth trees harvested from rain forests and that is not earth-friendly. You may want to use woods that are approved and certified by environmental groups.

When creating the perfect green kitchen design with these kitchen design tips, make sure you have as many wall skylights or roof skylights, glass doors and windows as possible to have natural lighting in the room.

To have skylights that can be opened is a wonderful advantage because it reduces or avoids moisture build-up in the room and reduces the amount of electricity you use during the day.

Concrete floors are back in fashion and you can find them in a variety of patterns, polishes, textures and colors.

This type of floor is not as harmful to your health, because you don't have to use glues, finishes and refinishing products.

Green kitchen design tips - concrete countertops have the appearance of natural material, have also become very popular and, they can give your kitchen, bathroom and fireplace a very industrial and modern look and style.

Another type of green kitchen counter-top that is becoming popular is Vertrazzo. This type of kitchen countertop and backsplash is made of recycled glass, it is very attractive and can be bought in a variety of colors.

Recycled glass tiles for your backsplash are also another beautiful alternative of green kitchen design trends.

When you select appliances, energy efficiency, functionality, budget and style are important criterias. If you are remodeling your kitchen and are replacing your appliances, get the most energy efficient and the ones that use the least water.

We recommend that you recycle your old appliances - call your city's recycling department to find out what you should do to recycle appliances.

To give your appliances to a friend or family member, or send it to the landfills is not a good idea...95% of refrigerator parts, for example, can be recycled and most older models are not as energy efficient as the new ones, they will not save money and are not good for the environment.

Recycle your old appliances!

Other green kitchen design tips - adding plenty of wall and ceiling insulation to your kitchen and the entire house is very beneficial and will make your home energy efficient, just make sure you use eco-friendly insulation materials.

The same applies to windows, doors and skylights...select high-performance windows with double or triple pane for the most energy efficiency.

Kitchen cabinets are an important element of any kitchen. It provides style, it enhances the decor of the room, it provides storage and they are the showplace of the kitchen.

If you are trying to be "green" and eco-friendly,

• 1- Buy kitchen cabinets that are going to last for a longtime,
• 2- Buy vintage cabinets that are durable or reuse the ones you already have by painting or refinishing them,
• 3- Don't buy cabinets made from rain forest woods,
• 4- Buy kitchen cabinets that don't pollute your home and the environment (low or no VOC emissions),
• 5- Buy cabinets made of renewable materials - bamboo or other harvested woods approved and certified by environmental groups for example.

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