Why build a healthy home and use healthy household cleaning products...

A healthy home is a concept you may not have thought of, but the concept is becoming more popular with homeowners. Having a home that is more healthy can include being aware of the materials used to build your house and using non-toxic household cleaning products.

Below are tips when creating a healthy environment to live in.

Indoor Air Quality - the air inside many of today’s homes may have two to five times more pollutants than the outdoors. Since Americans spend most of their time indoors, the result is that pollutants such as pollen, mold and dust create asthmatic and allergic reactions.

Here are tips for improving your indoor air quality:

Consider an Indoor Air Purifier - there are a variety of styles and types available. You can read more about the ionic air purifiers here.

So that the air circulates better, leave interior doors open as much as possible and open windows when you can so that fresh outdoor air comes inside.

Bathroom exhaust fans will remove moisture from inside and help create a more healthy living space.

Make sure that your furnace air filters are the kind with pleated filters - these filters collect smaller particles than other styles. Be sure the filters are changed regularly.

Make Your House More Dust-Proof - using a damp cloth to dust your rooms regularly to keep dust levels down. When you vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture, use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter.

This kind of filter removes at least 99.97% of the particles that are 0.3 microns or larger. If you have ceiling fans, dust them on a regular basis so they do not release dust when used.

Use Natural Cleaning Products - do not use harsh cleaning products which are loaded with chemicals that can have serious health consequences.

For cleaning purposes, you can use natural ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar and club soda. You can find great natural cleaning products online here.

Use the above tips to help create a more healthful environment. You'll find numerous resources available including books and websites for additional information.

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Today, more and more people are learning how to improve their health with their diets, fitness, stress reduction and making the necessary lifestyle changes as they learn more about their health.

Included in this list of concerns should be analyzing the home environment and products used on a regular basis. It's possible the home environment is causing many of the health problems.

Use the power and speed of the internet to help you learn more about creating and maintaining a healthful living space.

Books about creating and maintaining a healthy home...

The Healthy Home: A Basement To Attic Guide to Living Toxin-Free by Author Linda Mason Hunter.

How can I have a toxin-free home? This book contains scientific information, helpful statistics and usable advice for making your home safer to live in.

From asbestos in the toaster oven to chlordane insecticide in crawl spaces, you'll learn valuable information that likely applies to the home you're living in right now.

There is an excellent section of recipes for homemade nontoxic household products such as scouring powders and dishwater soaps.

The Healthy Home by Author Jackie Craven.

This informative resource explains promoting and protecting your physical and mental health at home in addition to protecting the environment.

Technical product information is included for helping you better understand creating and maintaining healthy spaces where you and your family will be living.

Creating environments that are free of toxins reduces stress and addresses the wide problem of allergies and other related ailments. More than 75 photographs that are in full color illustrate approaches you can use to enjoy more healthy living.

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