Use free home building tips on building a new home to know the 'rules'...

Understanding free home building tips when building a new home can help you keep your sanity plus protect your investment when you're building a new home.

Whether you are looking for free home building tips and are just starting to plan it or you're looking for tips on building a new home that's already under construction - you really need to take the time to learn "the rules".

Your builder, inspectors, subcontractors and real estate sales people all understand the rules. You'll be at a disadvantage if you do NOT understand the rules of the game.

That means you need to know as much as you can about how it all works and the possibilities for problems for you if the parties involved don't perform as they should.

You'll likely be signing one or more contracts in the process of designing and building you new home.

Taking some time to educate yourself will help prevent your being taken advantage of. Read and consider each house building tip carefully!

Here are free home building tips on building a new home for you...

Free Home Building Tips #1 - Know with certainty how much you can spend. If you go too far into the process before you realize you have to cut back, you can waste a lot of time and money to change and scale back your design and project.

Free Home Building Tips #2 - Buy your building site BEFORE you design your house and do the plans. Your home should be designed for your land, not the other way around. You can waste a lot of money having to re-do your design if your home ends up being built on a different site.

Building New Home Tip #3 - Get yourself pre-qualified first. You'll be spending time and money in the planning and design phases.

You can waste a lot of time and resources if you design first, then go shopping for your construction loan and permanent financing. Once you are qualified with your lender, you'll be able to plan and build within your budget.

Free Home Building Tips #4 - Compare "apples to apples". When you're shopping and cost estimating, make sure you include the same components for each house design or cost package that you are pricing.

Building New Home Tip #5 - Don't select based on the cheapest price or lowest bid. Do you choose a dentist based on the lowest price?

Of course not - even though building your new home isn't a root canal, the cheapest price may mean cheapest quality, materials, service and so on.

Free Home Building Tips #6 - Get all your bids and prices in writing. Builders and sales people may make promises that will not be kept. "You said - I said" doesn't work very well...warranties, what's included or not included, completion dates, what happens if it doesn't happen.

Building Tip #7 - Select a builder that's qualified. How do you know that your builder has done your kind of work before? Are there satisfied customers that you can talk to? What if you did a credit check on your builder before signing any contracts?

There are national companies that maintain a current database of pre-screened contractors. If you don't know a reputable builder in your area, use the experience of this kind of organization...

Tip #8 - If you are having major life problems, hold off on building just for now. When building a new home, a lot of stress can be added to your life. You'll be making huge decisions and need all your energy and extra time. Illnesses, family issues, work issues...think about it.

Free Building New Home Tip #9 - Learn as much as you possibly can about your construction and the processes and parties that make it happen.

When builders know that you are informed, selective and have high standards, they'll be more inclined to perform better for you. Being ignorant about how it all works leaves you more open to problems.

Free Home Building Tips #10 - Enjoy the construction experience! Making your new home happen can be a time in your life that's spectacular! Don't lose your ability to laugh...there WILL be speed bumps in the roadway.

Have realistic expectations about the time it will take. Hopefully, you will still be on speaking terms with your builder when it's all done. That means it went well!

Are there more free home building tips to help avoid the building nightmares that often happen?

You bet there are!

How about the house building tips that your builder doesn't want you to know about? And how does one even go about finding a good, qualified builder? What are the questions that you should ask - and answer - about your building site?

Are you thinking about being your own contractor? If you DO, it can be a full-time time commitment that requires experience to do correctly. It could COST you more than you save!!

Left unattended, your contract with your builder will strongly favor the builder, setting the stage for BIG problems for you if things don't go as planned.

What WILL you do if your builder doesn't perform as expected...Read more about free home building tips that are crucial for you to know about.

Books with more tips...

Survival Guide for Buying a Home by Sid Davis.

Buying a home can be a complicated process involving a delicate balance of financial, emotional and practical factors.

This valuable resource helps you come out on top by showing you the best strategies on how to find and buy a new home and saving money every step of the way - it's packed with free home building tips.

You'll enjoy the checklist of the 15 costliest mistakes home buyers typically make and how to avoid each of them. Also includes crucial information on how to sell a home.

Understanding this vital information and strategies, you will not only find your dream home faster, you'll do everything right to move in quickly and confidently!

100 Questions 1st -Time Home Buyers Should Ask (with Answers) by author Ilyce Glink.

Buying a home involves skills in several areas - one should negotiate, financing needs arranging, inspecting the construction quality and understanding the binding, legal contracts.

Hiring real estate professionals such as inspectors, brokers and other consultants that can help manage this complicated process means actually performing like a project manager.

That means our job is to know the responsibilities of each of these professionals and if any of these important players isn't doing their job right, it's time to intervene.

For example, when buying a home that is older, will you recognize the need for replacement window caulking or new window sashes? Will the bathroom tiles need new grout or will the electrical systems need to be rewired?

Questions such as - what is your true budget? Should you make an offer? If the seller wants to remain in the house after closing, what should you do? Who should be at the closing?

Tips & Traps When Building Your Home by Robert Irwin.

Take the self-test to see whether you are more suited to hiring out the work or doing some of it on your own. This user-friendly how-to guide outlines the traps that come with building your own home.

Once you know how much of the work you'll do yourself, the author helps you determine - how the building and contracting affects homeowners insurance and what about hiring an architect...

This book covers how you need local zoning board approval, about the electrical codes, sewage codes and occupancy codes guidelines being followed - filled with practical tips when building a new home.

Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High by Scott Frank, Andy Heller.

Listed as one of the leading helpful reference books for real estate investing by Forbes magazine - more useful home building tips.

Mortgages 101 - Answers to 250 Critical Questions About Your Home Loan by David Reed.

This experienced loan officer provides an easy-to-understand look at the world of mortgages. Defines the various types of loans, explains credit scores and discusses how the internet has changed the business of real estate.

A handy reference for anyone involved in real estate transactions, this resource is great for beginners wanting a map to guide them through the complexities of mortgages.

Explains basic issues like - differences between renting and buying, who at the bank actually approves loans and how to calculate your debt ratio - more free home building tips.

Planning, Subcontracting and Building Your Dream House & Avoiding the Pitfalls by Warren Jaeger.

Whether you want to be your own contractor and save thousands or you want to hire a builder, there are many things that you absolutely need to know to avoid costly errors and mistakes.

Authored by Warren Jaeger, a Master Designer/Builder with more than 45 years of experience - this resource takes you step by step through the entire process of building with practical advice and real life examples.

Learn what you need to do, when you need to do it and how to get it done!

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