Have you educated yourself on home building so that you cannot be taken advantage of?

Home building can be a fun and exciting experience...or it can be a nightmare! To research the experience and reputation of your builder is highly recommended.

No matter where in the planning and home-building process you are - knowing as much as you possibly can helps keep you out of trouble and more capable of discussing all the relevant issues with your residential contractor or architect.

Home builders will perform better for you if they know that you are informed and knowledgeable as to what you've agreed to and how things are supposed to work when building or remodeling your house.

Make sure you know...

• The contract clauses that are crucial in your contract?
• The easiest and best way to develop your floor plan?
• The call to your local electric utility that may save you $100-300?
• How you should make up your punch list?
• The interview questions you should ask your builder?
• What you should do if your builder doesn't perform as expected?

You can look online for resources that will show you what to do and expect, what to avoid and what to look out for as you plan, as you bid and as you build.

Building a new home can be the best experience in one's entire life or perhaps one of the worst. Before setting out to create your dream home, arm yourself with the facts, knowledge and industry information you need to manage the building process.

A house is usually the single largest investment most of us will ever make in our lifetimes. Done correctly, having a new home can be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences in life. Learn as much as you can help you make it happen this way...and enjoy what you'll learn.

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