Learn home cooking and tips for outdoor cooking over an open fire...

To learn home cooking can be both a lot of fun with the added enjoyment of the food tasting great! And there's no better taste that should be the result than when it's done outdoors.

Here are some basic tips when cooking outdoors at home for sharing with family and friends...

• When grilling and outdoor cooking over an open fire, place your grill or fire so that the smoke blows away from the seating area.

• Direct grilling (the food is directly over the heat) works best on foods that are small, tender or thin and can be cooked in no more than 15-20 minutes.

• Indirect cooking (where the heat trapped under the grill cover does the cooking) is good for larger foods like whole birds, roasts and ribs.

• Use a drip pan under the foods to catch the fat drippings and avoid flame flareups. When rotisserie cooking prime rib, for example, have a drip pan underneath the meat.

• Outdoor rotisserie cooking prime rib and other foods such as roasts, whole birds and suckling pig works great to slow cook the food. Having a grill with a rotisserie option is great if you cook often outdoors.

• Don't lift the lid and look at the masterpiece too many times. Lifting the lid lowers the temperature and will add to the cooking time.

Use the information to learn more about outdoor cooking. Enjoy the benefits when you learn cooking - outdoors and indoors, use the power of the internet to find what you want.

Favorite books to learn home cooking...

Classic Home Cooking by Marlena Spieler and Mary Frances Berry.

Over 1,000 recipes are packed into this marvelous cookbook that includes basic cooking along with traditional dishes from around the world.

This resource is one you'll likely find yourself using time and time again as you learn cooking at home.

More Home Cooking - A Writer Returning to the Kitchen by Author Laurie Colwin.

The author has had a passion all her life for creating exceptional cuisine. This resource is a bestseller that combines recipes, advice and anecdotes. The author shares her knowledge about often overlooked common items of food like beets, pears, beans and chutney and creative ways of using them.

America's Most Wanted Recipes - Recipes from Your Family's Favorite Restaurants by Ron Douglas

This book has famous restaurant recipes that have until now been very carefully guarded. Now, you can learn how to prepare them at home and the result will be saving time and money.

These recipes are easy to follow and will allow your friends and family to enjoy a tasty night out while enjoying the comfort of your very own kitchen and dining room.

These recipes are all fast, simple and virtually indistinguishable from the originals. We bet your family and friends won't be able to tell the difference!

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