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• 1 - Interior home decorating idea - if you have a large kitchen, having two sinks may be a good idea and make it more efficient! One sink should be for cleaning dishes, pots and pans and the other should be for washing vegetables and prep work before and when cooking - the cooks will be happy.

Since entertaining frequently requires frequent cleanup, locate the second sink perhaps in your kitchen island with a garbage disposer and close to the dishwasher and trash compactor.

If your kitchen island is fixed in one place, you will be required to have electrical outlets on the side of the kitchen island, not on the top.

This will help prevent electrical shock and the building codes require it.

• 2 - Home interior decorating on-line - the most favorite type of floor in the kitchen continues to be tile.

Tile floors should be swept daily to keep the tile surfaces from getting scratched. Tile flooring can give your kitchen a rustic look if you use design schemes full of irregular surfaces and earth tones.

You can use stone tiles in your kitchen like brick, limestone, marble, slate and many others that are very easy to clean and look and wear great. Linoleum is another style of kitchen floor that is very popular, inexpensive and easy to install.

You can find all kinds of patterns that are very good looking, easy to clean and durable. Kitchen floors can also be designed with the following materials: vinyl, leather, mosaics, wood, cork, bamboo, carpet and many others.

• 3 - Home interior decorating online - having a large and beautiful mirror above the sink is another bathroom interior home decorating idea, because it reflects additional natural light into the bathroom.

If you are going to have two sinks in the bathroom, place one mirror above each sink or one large mirror for both. Using mirrors along the walls is also another attractive way to widen the room.

Mirrors will create a sense of openness in the bathroom, making the space appear larger than actual dimensions. Mirrors will enhance the lighting in the room because of the reflecting capability of mirrors.

• 4 - Interior home decorating idea for your bathroom - fill your wicker baskets with soaps, sponges, bubble baths, and loofahs and place them near the tub, whirlpool or shower.

You can also roll some of your colorful towels and place them in wicker baskets around the bathroom.

• 5 - Home interior decorating online - each room in the house should have a dramatic focal point that catches anyone's attention immediately for decorating home interior woman.

It could be a fireplace, or a beautiful painting, perhaps a great view, a staircase or a furniture piece.

You can also use color on the walls or on furniture to create other focal points in the house. For example - dark colors or sharp contrasts create a certain drama and neutral colors are low key and will make any room appear larger and more open.

• 6 - Decorating home interiors - lighting is essential in your decor, your home, for human health and home interior decorating on-line. Lighting can be natural or manufactured - both can affect your mood or even how you feel inside of a home.

If natural light is not abundant, you will have to rely on artificial light. Lighting can change visually your room dimensions.

Very often, if a room is small, washing the walls with an even layer of light will make the space appear larger. Small rooms should also be painted with lighter colors.

Your home should have general lighting, ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting.

• 7 - Organization, the key word to home storage. Storage in general takes a certain degree of organization and preparedness. When creating storage areas for each room, make sure you select storage solutions that are unobtrusive.

Open storage includes shelving, pot racks, wicker baskets, bookshelves, knife rack and cup hooks. Open storage requires you to keep all items neatly arranged because everything is out in the open.

Closed storage includes built-in pantries, closets, hutches, cupboards, trunks, appliance garages, lazy susans, under-the-bed-storage, carousel shelves, fold-down mixer shelf, recycling storage, slide-outs and tilt-outs.

• 8 - Decor design home interior - kids bedrooms should be a comfortable place where they enjoy spending time, doing homework, listening to music, playing or simply hanging out. Low shelving is recommended for the kids room.

If you decide to use a stand alone bookcase in your kid's rooms, make sure you don't place any items they may want on the upper shelves. Consider keeping the upper shelves empty and store toys and books on the bottom shelves.

You can also teach them to put everything back on the shelf. If you are going to use very tall bookshelves, it may be a good idea to anchor them to the walls so they will never tip over.

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This is the perfect guide of different styles, colors home interior, textures, fabrics, wall and window treatments, flooring, lighting, and accessories that define today’s decor design home interior.

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