Here are free ideas for home decorating home interiors! Interior decorating a home can be exhausting if you don't know how...

When decorating home interiors, interior designers will do much more than pick the colors. The expertise of a certified interior designer will go far beyond aesthetics.

In addition to space planning, lighting design, color coordination and the materials selection, furnishings, fixtures and finishes, interior designers will have a working knowledge of interior construction, fire and building codes and safety, energy and environmental issues.

You know your tastes and style better than anyone, however, an expert can bring a new point of view to your home interiors decorating scheme.

Choosing an interior designer may take a little time and effort, but finding the right professional can be well worth the trouble. Use free ideas for home decorating to learn more about creating home interiors that are just right for you.

For example, when interior decorating a home that's in the planning stages, you'll want to study the proposed floor plan carefully.

Pretend you are arriving home from work or from shopping. Walk through the front door and what do you see as you enter?

Continue pretending that you are moving around in the home...where do you hang your coat as you come in? Is the coat closet nearby? What if you have packages or groceries?

Where will you put these things? Will you have to walk through the living room and dining room to get to the kitchen to put the groceries down?

Pretend you are preparing a meal in your kitchen...how far do you have to walk between the refrigerator, counter top and stove? Is there a pantry nearby that has the supplies and goods you'll need?

Where is the sink in relation to the stove and refrigerator?

You'll be taking many steps over the years in the kitchen triangle - the distance between the stove, sink and refrigerator.

Free ideas for home interiors and your bathrooms need special attention as well as the kitchen area. The bathroom can be one of your favorite rooms in your home if planned well.

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Books about free ideas for home decorating and home interiors.

Home Comforts - The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson.

Cheryl Mendelson discusses day-to-day details of homemaking such as cleaning methods she has found work great for various home surfaces.

This book gives you housekeeping suggestions for people having pets or allergies, food safety, dealing with clothing stains, being prepared for emergencies and household safety.

Decorating Kids' Rooms - Nurseries to Teen Retreats by Linda Hallam, Editor.

This book helps you decorate, plan and design your childrens' rooms. You will learn information about painting, wallpapering and other types of finishes. Features the latest in nursery and furniture safety.

Design Ideas for Bathrooms by Authors Susan Boyle Hillstrom and Mark Samu.

Readers will enjoy many excellent examples of master baths, family baths, powder rooms, and accessible designs to help you layout and decorate your bathroom.

There is coverage of tubs and showers, steam devices and saunas, rain bars and sprayers, plus a full representation of finishing materials from high-end looks in stone to affordable plastic laminates.

French Country Living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg, Christopher Drake.

Flea Market Decorating - Creating Style with Vintage Finds by Vicki Ingham.

This book will give you shopping tips, including the best sites for auctions, on-line antique malls and state-by-state flea market guides.

New Decorating Book by Denny Caringer.

This resource contains 900 photographs with over 100 illustrations. It is written in a style that is both friendly and informative. Every room is covered - even outdoor areas.

By taking the insightful quiz, you will be able to find what your personal style really is. Use the 12 houses that are showcased to see a diversity of decorating approaches.

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