Home storage ideas and home storage organization for your home.

Here are some home storage ideas and home storage organization for you! We usually experience that - even if we are living in a small apartment - our possessions keep expanding.

This is the reason why great home storage ideas for the home are so important in the design, decoration and layout of your residence. When good storage ideas for home lead to a well organized and functional space, life becomes a lot easier and less stressful.

Everything has its place! How bad can that be! In any small or large room in your house, clutter is any room's worst enemy.

Items piled up will only call attention to the lack of space and organization.

Take advantage of all those small places that likely exist in your place and use baskets, shelving, even closets or cabinets that can provide extra space for keeping your possessions so that clutter is reduced.

Bookshelves can often be used to keep your books, magazines, CD's, video tapes and other household items in your library or in your family room.

Bookshelves can also be used in the kitchen for china, glassware, daily dishes, plates, vintage plates, bowls, jugs, cups and ceramics.

Bookshelves and door cabinets are also perfect to store bath towels, linens, soaps, hair care products, bath oils, bottles of cologne or perfume and shaving products.

If you have space beneath a staircase, you can use it for a closet, perhaps for a powder room or an extra bathroom, a place to keep wine or a telephone booth and home office.

One of the home storage ideas should be to plan the bathroom carefully. Your vanity cabinet should provide storage opportunities under the sink and in the vanity drawers for your bathroom.

Make sure you have plenty of vanity surface, numerous towels bars and rings, lots of pegs and hooks and wicker baskets to store towels and other products.

If you decide to have a radio or television in the bathroom, find a strong secure shelf or entertainment center.

If you enjoy music in the bathroom, consider buying stereo speakers that can be placed in the bathroom, probably on the wall. Another of the home storage ideas is to consider open home storage - it's becoming popular today.

The advantage of closed-over open storage is that you can close the doors of your closet or cabinet or bookcase and the clutter will disappear.

Open storage requires some extra maintenance and has to be kept organized for the room to look attractive.

If you decide to have a lot of closed home storage, the room could start looking heavy and suffocatingly "boxy", especially if the closets and cabinets are made of solid woods or other dark finishes.

Overhead space in your kitchen can be used for keeping things - this is another of the home storage ideas.

If you have cabinetry that stops a few inches or a few feet from the ceiling in the kitchen, use that space to place one or several wine racks or you can exhibit your favorite plates, ceramics or baskets.

Pot racks can be suspended above your stove or cook top or perhaps above your kitchen island where you can store your most frequently used pot and pans, woks and baskets. Read more about your choices for kitchen pot racks here.

Books to help you with storage ideas for home and home organizer storage solutions!

Knack Organizing Your Home - Easy De-cluttering Solutions & Storage Ideas by Emily Wilska

Organize your home one step at the time with home storage ideas!

You’ll see how to de-clutter, organize with storage solutions and efficiently deal with everything from clothes and towels to tools and bills.

You’ll create systems that work and learn the best ideas for storing your belongings with home organizer storage solutions.

Eliminating Chaos - 10 Steps to Organizing Your Home & Life by Authors Laura Leist and Adam Weintraub.

This book helps you reduce clutter in every room - from the kitchen and bedrooms to the closets and garage - learn how to create a living space that is organized for a more stress-free and productive lifestyle.

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