You can find hot tubs and spas online, and why have a portable hot tub spa at home...


And how many seats will YOUR hot tub need??
When buying one of these for your home, make sure you determine first how many people will you be entertaining so you can decide how many seats you should have in the tub.

Is it bad to plan your parties early? Not at all!

Are you looking for a relaxing and wonderful night with you friends? Perhaps you want to have family parties or friends for an evening of soaking fun shared together.

Make sure you prepare a simple menu with hors d'oeuvres and grilling on your deck. Everyone will enjoy it! Hot tubs are perfect when relaxing close together in warm water and having a romantic night with someone you are in love with.

Perhaps you are looking to buy this home equipment for health reasons? These are also very beneficial for people with poor circulation, arthritis and aching muscles. Regular exercise and heat treatments like soaking are great for pain relief and mobility improvement.

A portable hot tub spa can provide the warmth, massage with high-pressure jets and seating needed to both relax and relieve pressure on joints and muscles, making it easier to perform exercises in your own backyard.

If you have - or want to buy - one for your home, make sure you use it several times a week and if you can, add a sound system to the area! It will be wonderful and relaxing!

You can choose from above ground spas or portable hot tub spas - they can be installed indoors to allow you to use the spa every season of the year or they can be placed outdoors. In-ground spas are often installed near the swimming pool.

Soaking helps you relax, relieve sore muscles, stress, anxiety and tension and the warmth of the water can actually increase your mobility and decrease pain if you have arthritis.

When you relax in warm water, your muscles relax and your blood flow increases. This means your blood vessels dilate, lowering blood pressure and increasing range of motion and flexibility.

The recommended time for soaking is no longer than 20 minutes and the ideal water temperature is 98 degrees Fahrenheit, about the same as the body's temperature.

Units can actually heat the water to as high as 104 degrees F, however, be careful when soaking in water temperatures this hot.

Pregnant women and people with heart disease or high or low blood pressure should consult their doctor before using the sauna or hot tub. Make sure children don't use the spa unless an adult is around to supervise them.

You will find quality units that are from reputable companies. Yes, you really can order yours online! Enjoy!

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