House Provence style, Provence design style and living Provence style with irresistible charm.

Provence style decorating tips and house Provence style is a very country refined style, that uses (yellow, orange, blue, violet, green and red) which are very rich and nice colors and has a brilliant and inspiring sunshine in the summer.

This region is stunning and known for its restored rustic villas and farmhouses with terracotta tile roofs, olive trees, rolling fields of lavender, good food, great wine and friendly people.

House Provence style and Provence design style is both traditional and contemporary.

You can show obvious signs of age with flaking paint, old fireplaces, stained kitchen sinks, old tile and unevenly worn floor that creaks is part of the charm of this kind of home.

If your home Provence style has a leaking roof, inadequate electrical wiring and old plumbing - they will need to be fixed before you start decorating.

Most old Provence homes have beautiful half-round terra-cotta tiled roofs called romaines. The colors of these roofs tend to blend quite well with the southern European landscape.

Another area that could be replaced in this kind of home are the windows. If you have crumbling stone steps leading to your front door making the home look shabby, make sure you restore them.

Most farmhouses have kept their exposed beams, stone fireplaces, wrought iron railings or gates, wrought iron pergolas and wooden shutters that help protect the house from the sun and the wind.

Most windows and doors of this kind of decorating are oriented towards the south to avoid the bitterly cold winter winds that are typical in the area.

Solid wood shutters painted in green, red and blue are very often used as decorative element and to keep mosquitoes and other insects away.

The windows are covered by sheer or lace curtains allowing the light to come in during the day, yet they give you a certain privacy.

Most house Provence style decorating consists of a room with a fireplace, ceramic tiles made in the area for the walls and work surfaces, and a very large cooking range or some of the food used to be cooked in a large pot over the fire.

If the bathrooms and kitchen are very outdated, you may want to bring them to more modern standards. Perhaps keep the old fireplace, or the tub if it is cost-effective. Some of the old Provence kitchen sinks may be valuable keeping.

In most cases, pot and pans can be hung on the wall and the dinnerware can be placed on shelves and cupboards.

In the house Provence style, the kitchen is the hub of the household, it is a true living room and it is the location where family and friends congregate on a cold evening to cook and eat a wonderful French meal.

Most Provence kitchen style kitchens have shelves, buffets and cupboards crammed with stoneware pots, terrines, glazed earthenware and jars.

Living Provence style means having large and airy rooms where the stone walls are thick and the floors are hard and cool - made of terracotta tiles, stone, smooth concrete or raw or unpolished marble.

Online, you should be able to find a wide variety of art decoration home Provence style products that are available from reliable merchants.

House Provence style decorating tips recommended books

The Provencal House: Architecture and Interiors by Johanna Thornycroft, Andreas Von Einsiedel.

This beautifully illustrated volume brings the essence of the Provence style to home decor.

This style celebrates French country decor Provence style that is rustic, sophisticated, traditional and elegant.

The essence of French provincal style is captured in this book.

This book will teach you about decorating with Provence style tablecloths, fabric, furniture and art decoration home Provence style.

Provencal Interiors by Betty Lou Phillips and Dan Piassick.

Provence design style is inspired by southern France French country decorating.

Most inviting homes with Provence design style exude comfort, tradition, grace and the beautiful French interior.

This book will provide you with stunning photographs, informative text, extensive resource list and provincial interior details about Provence design style.

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