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This region of France borders the Mediterranean sea and is also called the Cote d'Azur of the French Riviera. It has an enjoyable mild climate and exceptional natural beauty - the three main ports of the region are Marseilles, Toulon and Nice.

Provence France was invaded and occupied by the Greeks around 600 B.C., later by the Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Franks and the Arabs. Provence has many old towns perched on top of a mountain and the scenery has inspired many artists like Renoir and Cezanne.

During the French Renaissance, most of the interior design was developed to serve the wealthy, powerful kings and the aristocracy.

As the bourgeois middle class consisting of merchants, professionals and craftsman emerged during the 16th, 17th and 18th century, an increasing number of people wanted and finally could afford to buy some level of comfort and luxury.

Makers of furniture and textiles became aware of the need to create and develop products for this new class of people that could afford and build farmhouses or town dwellings.

French country furniture Provence varies from region to region, but it always takes some elements from the style of Louis XIV or Louis XV and simplifies them.

Provence is known for its beauty, architecture, olive groves, French Provence textiles, French Provence vintage quilts, aromatic herbs, rolling fields of lavender, good food, great wine and beautiful mountains such as the Alpes de Hautes-Provence.

Most house style Provence furniture or French country furniture Provence is made of solid woods - oak, cherry, apple, and walnut and has carved designs with lots of flowers, ornate and curvilinear style.

Most house style Provence homes were designed to be cool in the summer and at the same time resist cold windy winters.

This is the reason why stone walls are very thick and why doors and windows have shutters and are oriented towards the south to avoid the bitterly cold winter winds.

Provence has many restored farmhouses (called mas in French) and they tend to be simple and modest farmhouses unless the original owner had a great deal of money.

Country homes (called bastide) - are generally more large and impressive homes, and the cottages (called cabanons) are small stone buildings used for weekend retreats and in most cases, these do not have a fireplace.

Below are examples of wonderful, best-selling resources with beautiful color photographs that are a true pleasure to own.

House style Provence recommended books

French Country Living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg and Christopher Drake.

This book has hundreds of photos showing the beautiful style of the French countryside.

Covers the kitchen and every other room in the house - including the French garden, rustic gates and cobblestone walkways.

The history of each country house is covered along with the featured decor furnishings. Each home even includes the love letters and attics with toys that are part of the home's heritage as well as how the home came to be such a charming place to live.

The Provencal House: Architecture and Interiors by Johanna Thornycroft, Andreas Von Einsiedel.

This beautifully illustrated volume brings the essence of the house Provence style to home decor.

Provence Style celebrates the true French country decor Provence style that is always popular, a style that is at the same time rustic and sophisticated while being both traditional and elegant.

The essence of French Provencal style is captured and presented for your information in this book.

Provencal Interiors by Betty Lou Phillips, Dan Piassick.

Provencal interiors are inspired by southern French country colors bathed in sunlight and where decorating is to a certain extent a luxury.

The homes decorated in this style will have a feel of tradition, comfort and elegance. This kind of french decorating interior should always have a charming style.

This resource includes numerous photographs, text with much information with a lengthy list of additional resources for more reading and learning suitable for anyone interested in creating this harmonious style.

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