How to mount a pot rack ceiling, pot rack information and hanging pot and pan rack.

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How to mount a pot rack ceiling?
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Here are tips. Once you find your favorite kitchen rack, you will need to know its dimensions, where are you going to place it and the ceiling joists spacing for supporting everything.

Most pot racks must be supported by the joists because of the weight they will be carrying...you don't want everything to come falling down with all your pots and pans and pulling some ceiling down with it!

How to mount a pot rack ceiling? First, make sure you read the instructions and pot rack information in detail and follow both technical and safety procedures.

One way to purchase these kinds of products is to select one that can be installed for your home's ceiling joists spacing. In the USA, kitchen ceiling joists are usually spaced 12", 16" or 24" on center.

Consider getting help from your best friend, husband or wife when doing this kind of work as it will be safer and easier to have someone help you with the installation.

Many manufacturers will include informative tips about pot racks along with the needed installation hardware. To complete the installation, you will need a drill, a screwdriver (check to see if a Phillips or flathead kind is required), something to measure with, a pencil, the eye screws needed and wood glue.

How to install a pot rack? Make marks using the pencil where the ceiling hooks will be attached - and attach securely to the joists. Pot rack information - some manufacturers recommend adding a 2x4 wood piece from above to the ceiling joists for extra support.

Follow the included instructions that come with your product very carefully.

If you do not and if everything should fall because the instructions were not adhered to, the manufacturer cannot be held liable if damage to your kitchen or injury to someone should result. Besides, as you likely know, instructions exist for safety reasons.

Next, drill the small pilot holes so that the eye hooks can be screwed into place. Take care to use the proper size drill bit that must be smaller than the eye screws for safe installation.

If a grid is included, remove it before you do the installation so you are working with a lighter, more manageable weight.

Having secured the eye hooks into the ceiling joists, you are now ready for your pot rack to be hung in its place. You should have ceiling hooks that were included by the manufacturer for this step. Afterward, you can now hang your cookware!

Hopefully, your questions about how to mount a pot rack ceiling have been answered here and these tips about pot racks are useful!

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