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Why use an internet directory? Using a search engine like Google or Yahoo is not the only way to find information on the internet.

Done correctly, using an internet engine directory and its resources can be more powerful and give you more relevant results than the search engines.

Nowadays, internet directories often have hundreds if not thousands of human-edited links added to them. And that means an important difference.

The search engine results are selected and shown based on a combination of factors.

That doesn't mean to not use search engines, it just means that they are not the only way to find information.

Take a directory like http://dmoz.org for example. This directory has tens of thousands of resources and is a great internet engine directory resource, even if it has become somewhat crowded. You can use it to look for information just like you can when using a search engine.

Like most all good internet directories, dmoz.org has a searchable bar you can use to find what you need easily and efficiently. So how to use an internet directory properly?

Let's say you are looking for 'kitchen cabinets' information and websites.

You could use the search engines for 'kitchen cabinets' or 'buy kitchen cabinets' or similar inquiry.

Or you could utilize the search engines for 'kitchen directories' and then check out some of the directories to see whatever you were looking for.

This is a great way to find information and resources using an internet directory.

Don't forget to place your keyword in 'quote marks' - doing so will give you a smaller but more precise list of websites or directories. However, if you find few or no results, then remove the quote marks.

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