Enjoy beautiful Karastan rugs and Karastan carpet wool with rich colors and traditional motifs woven from premium wools.

Karastan rugs or Karastan carpet wool are beautiful hand-knotted rugs that came from ancient Persia and the Orient.

One of these attractive area rugs can transform a room or make a cold floor become more warm. In the summer, you can continue to enjoy them or they can be rolled up and stored until colder weather returns.

Area rugs or Karastan carpet wool can bring more interesting colors and patterns to a floor that is a plainer texture or one color.

You can even move your Karastan carpet wool around just like you would to change the furniture arrangement.

When you start shopping for a carpet, decide what your budget will be. Once you have established your budget, you should be able to find various styles and prices.

You should find two primary types of Karastan style rugs:

Machine Made - looms and tufting machines are used to turn out large quantities of rugs. For example, 10x14 Kashan Karastan rugs can be purchased in different styles and textures.

Because less labor is required, machine made carpets cost less than those made by hand.

Carpets with the face pile woven together with the backing will create a strong and durable carpet. When making tufted carpets, the backing material has pile inserted into it using needles.

Made by Hand - the time spent by a person in making these rugs can vary greatly. In one instance, a person might use a tufting tool to make the rug.

In another situation, the person would spin the yarn and knot the rug one yarn at a time. In a case like this, several months would be needed to produce a 6' x 9' carpet.

For a handmade rug that is priced costing several thousand dollars, more than likely it is made this way.

Handmade rugs consist of natural yarns such as silk or wool. Some antique ones made of wool or silk have sold for more than a $100,000 and higher.

The types of materials used to make these kinds of carpet vary greatly in the quality of the material. Materials include spun wool threads, linen, jute and hemp threads. The most widely used material is the wool thread.

Karastan carpet wool is preferred since it is strong and holds warmth. Cotton and silk are also commonly used in carpets.

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