The little tikes kid kitchen play set provides girls and boys with interactive playtime.

Why have a kid kitchen play set for a young child? A pretend kitchen play set can be fun, entertaining and educational! A pretend kitchen play set can be enjoyed for hours by young chefs, by themselves or with others.

Besides all the pretend fun, the child is learning about food groups, fruits and vegetables, colors, shapes, numbers, following directions, sorting and measuring.

This kid kitchen play set includes two interactive modes.

Play Smart Cook and Learn Kitchen - kid kitchen play set .

If the child wants to play freely and choose what to cook, then the cutting board and stove top burner will recognize which foods are placed on them.

However, if the child selects the learning mode, they will be given prompts on what to do on the recipe cards. The learning mode has a basic level and an advanced level.

The little chef can collect the needed tools and recipe ingredients on the recipe card, then follow the instructions that the voice prompts tell them.

There are a total of 38 accessories that come with this kid kitchen play set. Each playset has a cup, plate, knife, fork and spoon.

And the included food sets are:

• Breakfast Food Set - 7 items of food, bowl, spoon, measuring spoons, butter dish plus recipe card.
• Fruit Salad Food - there are 4 fruit pieces, play knife plus recipe card.
• Veggie Stir Fry Food - 6 different vegetables, skillet, spatula plus recipe card.

Another thing that works so well with this pretend kitchen play set is that it has a cook top on one side and a grill on the other side. And each pretend cooking surface comes with separate sounds.

Often, little chefs may not be accomplished with their sharing skills yet and the two areas provide a side that each can work on without getting in the others way.

Reviewers that have purchased this product also recommend adding extra food items and additional pots and pans.

And a little tikes shopping cart will help the young chef keep all the items handy in one place and they can even keep baby or favorite teddy bear in the cart as they move around the house and do their work.

Check out the kids kitchen play set information available from this reliable supplier.

A pretend kitchen play set can provide years of creative educational enjoyment for those aspiring young chefs in your home.

Decide which playset you prefer to have for young children who will be making those wonderful meals that they create for the rest of the family and their friends.

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