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For kids bathroom decor, good lighting is a must. One small light fixture in the middle of the ceiling is no longer enough.

Bathrooms today have recessed lighting over the vanity, wall sconces on each side of the mirror, recessed lighting or other general lighting over the tub, toilet and shower, chandeliers, kids bathroom lights and bathroom light fixtures over the mirror and vanity.

The area around the mirror and vanity should have a great deal of light and no shadows, because it is the section where children and parents do all their grooming.

Kids bathroom decor should include light switches that are within your child's reach...or perhaps have several step stools for them to use if they need to reach the switches or faucet.

Natural light for bathroom ideas for kids is also important because natural light is invigorating, it makes you look better and happier, it makes the room look larger and it will save you energy.

Skylights, glass doors, glass blocks and windows will give you more sunshine in your life and help you bring daylight into the room!!!

Make sure you add dimmer switches to your kids bathroom lights...having them allows you to control the light level for a fixture or a group of fixtures from soft glow to any other brightness level. Dimmers are also good energy savers for any home.

Kids bathroom decor and bathroom ideas for kids recommends that if you have several kids using this room and it is large enough, consider creating separate compartments for the shower, tub, vanity with two sinks and toilet. This allows one of your kids to take a shower, while the other is perhaps brushing his or her teeth.

Bathroom ideas for kids recommends that the shower stall be at least 4' square and the opening to the shower 36" wide. Use a product like a seat in the shower, anti-scalding devices on the faucets to regulate the water temperature...so your kids don't burn and grab bars to hold on to for comfort and safety.

When you have a baby, you may consider having an area with a freestanding tub for the infant, a seating section to dry your baby with kids bathroom towels and a table to change the diaper with all the other accessories necessary to bathe and dress your child safely.

If you decide that you want to bathe your baby in the tub or vanity sink, make sure you use a slip resistant pad or mat...or you may want to place a baby tub on the floor or vanity counter-top...again safety should always be the most important factor when you are bathing your child.

Have all the supplies you need close to you before you give a bath to your baby. Do not leave your child unattended, because you forgot something and have to leave them while you get an item.

Storage is a must for any bathroom! In any home, this room needs lots of storage for bathing supplies, towels, wash cloths, toys, soaps, diapers, cosmetics for girls, medicine and first aid supplies locked up, shampoo, other toiletries and dental care accessories.

Depending on the age of your kids, you may want to to eliminate keeping small appliances like hair dryer, hair removal system, steam roller and electric shaver away from the bathroom. The same is true about cleaning products...unless you want to keep them out of reach or locked up.

Organize kids bathroom decor with open shelving and storage cubbies attached to the wall. Vanity cabinets and linen closets make great storage for your children.

Make sure you mount plenty of hooks on the walls and behind the door for them to hang coats, towels, robes, clothing...etc. It is sometimes easier for children to place it on a hook than inside of a closet.

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