Learn more about kids bathroom ideas, kid theme bathrooms and decorating kids bathrooms.

• 1 - Kids bathroom ideas and kid theme bathrooms - children at very young ages will have difficulty reaching the sinks if they are sized for adults. If you don't want to lower the sink, just use a step stool for easy accessibility. The same applies to light switches...they need to be within reach of the little folks.

If you decide to lower an existing counter or vanity or purchase a lower one, it should be 24 inches high or so. Later, you can use the lower vanity or counter for storage only or create a makeup center with it.

Another issue that is crucial is the installation of shower heads... perhaps install two at different heights for easy access.

• 2 - Kids bathroom ideas - the design of your child's bathroom depends on how old they are, their gender and the number of them using it.

If you have two children using the same bathroom, you may consider having two sinks, storage and plenty of counter space.

It is also a good idea to round the corners of your cabinets or any other counter edges to reduce the chance of the child bruising themselves.

Select flooring that is water resistant and non-slippery for safety reasons.

Having an exhaust fan is a good idea. Since bathrooms have a lot of moisture, this humid air needs to be removed from the room on a timely and regular basis. Having a ventilator that is properly sized will take care of the humidity problem.

• 3 - Kids bathroom ideas and bathroom ensembles for kids - a child needs plenty of accessible storage in the room. They will need drawers and shelves for towels, sponges, bath toys, teen's cosmetics, toiletries, waste baskets and hampers to place dirty clothes.

Mount hooks on the walls and behind the doors to hang towels, robes and clothing. If you are going to use shelves or over the toilet cabinets, make sure you attach them to the walls. Also place the heavy items and the accessories they use the most on the bottom cabinets or shelves.

• 4 - Kids bathroom ideas and kids bathroom decorating ideas - make sure that you install grab bars inside the shower or tub and place them low enough for children to use.

Be sure that the safety grab bars are well anchored to framing studs - not just glued or screwed to the wallboard.

Grab bars in the shower or tub make bathing or showering safer for everyone.

• 5 - Kids bathroom ideas - if you have a tub or shower combination in your child's bathroom, buy the combination of fixed standard shower head with the adjustable hand-held sprayer. This shower head will make it easy for showering and bathing.

• 6 - Kids bathroom ideas - if you are looking for decorative items for yours kid's bathrooms, make sure the walls get painted with a glossy paint because it is easier to clean...and consider using their favorite colors.

You can also add wallpaper, wall borders and cutouts that can be scrubbed or peeled which are easy to remove later when they get older.

Here is a great book about kids bedrooms and bathrooms

Decorating Kids' Rooms - Nurseries to Teen Retreats by Linda Hallam, Editor.

This is an informative decorating book for ages babies through teenagers and it covers the planning and designing for kids rooms. Learn kids bathroom ideas and decorating kids bathrooms.

This book has kids bathroom pictures with information about painting, storage and safety.

Another chapter provides information on painting and wallpapering and many other finishes.

Many beautiful photographs of professionally designed children's rooms give the readers inspiration and ideas to share with their young ones.

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