Help your children decorate and organize their room with a great kids room idea and kids room design idea.

When designing with a kids room idea, make sure you measure the space and draw several floor plans on paper until you get one that you like.

On paper, place the different furniture pieces in several areas until you get a plan that has perfect scale and proportion. A small room should not have large furniture pieces...the same thing is true with windows...don't place large windows in a space that is small, for example.

Scale and proportion is related to the size of the furniture, focal point and accessories - they should all be proportional.

When decorating, keep trying different arrangements and accessories until you get the right combination.

Take your time and be patient! You will get the correct placement and combination for the perfect design look.

Any room needs to have several types of lines to define the space.

You can have vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonal and curved lines.

• 1- Vertical lines are associated with strength and formality - columns and walls are a good example of a vertical line.

• 2- Horizontal lines are associated with restful and relaxing - examples are a bed and a deck.

• 3- Diagonal lines express movement, change and transition.

• 4- Curved lines are more difficult and costly to build in walls, but they can be added in the design with furniture and accessories - curved lines project softness.

Contemporary or modern style homes tend to have vertical and horizontal lines - creating a great deal of squares and rectangles. With accessories and furniture, you can add curved and diagonal lines to give a different flair to the style.

For example, for boys rooms, instead of a regular bed, create a boat bed with nautical accessories and accents. This type of bed will bring curved lines to the living space and give a more casual, cozy look and feel to the room.

Balance is an important element when designing your kids' rooms.

Make sure you distribute all furnishings throughout evenly...do not place everything on one side of the room...or all furnishings against the walls, leaving an enormous gap in the middle.

Balanced relationships of the items are either asymmetrical or symmetrical.

Harmony means that everything coordinates with the theme you have selected.

When you pick a nautical theme for your child's room, for example, use sailboats, rope, boat bed, bookshelves that look like lighthouses, toy trunk and chest that are finished like weathered wood.

All of these items are related to each other and they coordinate with the decorating scheme used.

Rhythm in decorating

What this means is that texture, pattern and shape are used and repeated throughout the room to add drama and to generate a certain visual flow and consistency.

Recommended books for kids room idea, kids room design idea and to help you decorate kids room idea.

Children's Spaces by Judith Wilson and Debi Treloar.

Help your children decorate with a kids room idea and kids room design idea.

Organize and decorate using a kids room idea with fun furniture, colors that are happy and many design ideas for kids rooms.

This book should help you decorate your rooms from the nursery to any retreat a teenager will enjoy.

Decorating Kids' Rooms - Nurseries to Teen Retreats by Better Homes and Gardens Books and Linda Hallam.

This book covers design, decorating and safety issues for babies' rooms through teenagers' years. It includes information on painting and decorating colorful and happy kid's rooms with all kinds of materials.

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