Find the most popular kitchen counter island designs and custom kitchen island designs.

Kitchen counter island designs and custom kitchen island designs have made a come back.

Today, everyone wants a place for food preparation, perhaps for cooking, for cleaning and recycling, extra storage and counter space, for a casual meal, a place where your friends or family can sit down on bar stools for a drink while you cook.

Small rooms that are galley or single wall shaped should probably use a mobile kitchen island or buy moveable kitchen island furniture.

These types of spaces are more typical of apartments in large cities where space is very limited.

If you have an L or U or G shape cooking area, you should add an island or peninsula to the room.

The worktop can be made of:

• Wood,
• Stainless steel,
• Copper, other metals,
• Ceramic tile,
• Hand-painted tile,
• Granite,
• Soapstone,
• Lava stone,
• Marble,
• Concrete,
• Brick,
• Glass tile,
• Leather,
• Recycled glass with concrete (Vertrazzo)
• and synthetic solid surfaces.

It is important that the countertop of your kitchen island is easy to maintain, clean and repair and is water resistant and durable. Countertops experience a lot of wear and tear if you cook daily for your family and friends.

When adding an island to the room, make sure you have plenty of storage in it and have good task lighting and recessed lighting for working and cooking.

Create a space with stools for a quick meal or a place for a bar with wine storage, an area for recycling bins, garbage disposer and trash compactor.

Good designs should also provide you an efficient working triangle (distance between sink, stove/cooktop and refrigerator) during meal preparation.

Depending on the size of your room, the kitchen island can either be part of the working triangle or it can be designed to create another traffic flow away from the working triangle.

Some designs are designated to be only a social area with bar, eating nook, meal planning and desk area with lots of storage - this allows the cook to prepare the meal without traffic interruption.

You can also select the island to be the section for a cooktop, food preparation and cleaning.

When it belongs to the working triangle, this means that you have designated it to be a cooking area, perhaps for a sink or for a second sink.

It is recommended that you have 48 inches distance between the island counter and kitchen counter for easy traffic flow and accessibility. Make sure each member of your family has at least 24 inches of counter space when eating their meals.

Kitchen counter island designs can be fun to do and result in your having a great space for sharing quality time with family and friends.

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