What materials are best for your kitchen counter top, faux finishes for kitchen countertop and kitchen countertop material.

Your kitchen counter top and faux finishes for kitchen countertop should be water resistant, stain-proof, durable, easy to clean and to repair.

There are plenty of kitchen counter tops and materials or work surfaces to choose from:

• Formica,
• Wood (hardwoods and softwoods),
• Stainless steel, other metals,
• Plastic laminated,
• Ceramic tile,
• Stone (granite, marble or slate)
• Masonry.

Plastic laminate kitchen countertops are available in many colors and patterns and it is the least expensive countertop material in the market.

This is probably the most popular unit, it is easy to install, cleans easily, it is economical, has good stain resistance but these surfaces are easy to scratch, burn and not easy to repair.

Sink cutouts and joints between sink and countertop with plastic laminate countertops need to be sealed very well so that no water can get through.

Wood kitchen countertops can be used throughout the entire room or it can be used with another type of worktop surface. Wood countertops are available in maple, cherry, oak, ash, birch, mahogany, bamboo, eucalyptus and other wood choices.

Wood surfaces can burn, scratch and stain, but these surfaces can be easily repaired by sanding and resealing. Wood counter tops also expand and contract because of moisture and humidity content.

It is recommended that you periodically treat this type of countertop with wax, oiling or a varnish suitable for these types of counters.

Use a product to rubdown the wood like mineral, tung oil, linseed, olive oil or some other oil that will not affect your health.

Ceramic tile kitchen counter tops are available in many colors, textures, finishes and sizes. Tile countertops are durable, beautiful because of all the possible colors and heat-resistant.

Consider glazed tiles because they will not scratch or stain and they can be repaired easily. The grout used between the tiles can stain with use. Hand painted tiles can be expensive.

Solid-surface kitchen counter tops are synthetic surfaces made of polyester, acrylic and mineral fillers. They make great kitchen counter tops and they are available in many colors, textures, patterns (including imitation wood, stone or glass).

This product is resistant to stains and heat, and scratches can be sanded out.

It is very easy to scar, scratch and stain these counter tops, especially marble surfaces. Soapstone requires sealing with mineral oil to continue looking good.

This type of counter will last forever and it is beautiful, but it is very expensive and will require some maintenance.

Stainless steel kitchen counter tops are tough, heat resistant, do not stain, long-lasting and are easy to clean. This type of surface is expensive, but is easy to install. Do avoid using it as a cutting board because it scratches easily.

Stone and masonry kitchen counter tops are very popular and durable surfaces (granite, marble and soapstone are the most popular) but they are very unforgiving to knives.

Granite has become very popular has a work surface and it is available in a variety of colors.

It is easy to clean and it is a beautiful natural product for any kitchen.

Recycled glass counter-top with concrete is also becoming very popular for people that are interested in using eco-friendly products.

It is available in several colors, it is very attractive and user friendly.

Choose your kitchen counter-top carefully - you'll likely be using and enjoying your selection for many years.

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