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Are you looking to design a kitchen online for free?

Kitchen design online and planning are important since families today likely spend more time in this room than in any other room. And with the internet, you can do kitchen design online that can bring personality and character to your home.

When considering to design a kitchen online for free, think about how will traffic in yours flow? Are you constantly bumping into each other when you are cooking? Do you have to be concerned with people traffic every time you open a cabinet or an appliance door?

Today, as you may know, this room is viewed as the hub or the heart of the home. It often serves as a family room, a place to prepare for the workday or school, for feeding your pets, a dining room, where your family gets together to cook and eat, snacking, cleanup, maybe even a laundry center and a social center.

When doing your kitchen design online, create a list of what you like or what you want and need.

Then make another list of all the items that you don't like or would like to change. Doing so will help you better understand what kitchen design online you want.

Once you have a list of everything you want, it is time to look at your budget, what you can afford and what items you need to trim. If your budget is small, you may have to go with more affordable materials.

Know the answers to these questions before you complete your kitchen design online:

• How do you use this important room and what tasks do you perform?

• Do you use it only for food preparation, cooking and cleaning?

• Are you planning to have a wet bar or bar service? Are you going to have a built-in wine rack or wine cellar?

• Do you cook small meals all the time?

• Do you have a large family?

• Do you eat your meals with your family there?

• Do you have a lot of friends around while you cook?

• Do you entertain and socialize a great deal?

• Do you do a lot of baking, grilling, or do you use the microwave only?

• Where do you eat most of your daily meals and when you entertain?

• Are you wanting to add a larger kitchen island?

• What decorating style do you like?

• Did you have enough counter space in your previous kitchen? Would you like to have more counter top space?

• Should you have more storage for most items including recycling? Did you have enough storage before? Are you going to have a pantry?

• Does the room have enough natural light (windows) and artificial light, especially task lighting?

• Are you keeping your old appliances or are you buying new state-of-the-art appliances?

• Are you going to have your washer, dryer and laundry supplies nearby?

• Would you like to have room for two people cooking at the same time in the kitchen?

• Does what you want fit your budget?

• What budget are you comfortable spending for remodeling or building?

• Is there enough room for someone in a wheelchair to turn around?

• Can your dream kitchen be realized in the space available?

• How will traffic flow between this room and the other rooms?

• Does your new room fit into the decor of the rest of the house? What style of kitchen design online are you going to have - modern, Victorian, French country, traditional?

• Are you going to use a computer, pay bills, do homework, have a sewing machine and use the telephone in this room?

Proper kitchen design online considers how you plan on using this vital room. Prepare food, cook your meals, perhaps eat the meal and clean up afterward.

These four areas should be separated and convenient by having ample counter space and the proper storage in each area to make your job simple and easy.

A successful kitchen design online or design kitchen ultimate means to create a room that's easy to use, welcoming, fun, with flexible spaces and easy to maneuver in by everyone.

Kitchen design online considerations you should determine:

1- The size of your kitchen - decide what floor space you need and how much counter space and storage you want. A common complaint is that there is not sufficient counter space to prepare food... or that there isn't enough storage space.

Kitchen cabinets, hutches, kitchen island, open shelving, baker's racks, cupboards and plate racks will give you extra storage solutions in your kitchen.

If you are going to have a lot of counter space and entertain a great deal, consider having multiple workstations for someone that may be helping you cook - perhaps an extra sink or an extra oven if you bake a lot.

If you are planning to have a large kitchen and you are going to entertain frequently, consider having multiple sinks, plenty of counter space, cook space, dishwasher drawers, plenty of storage and enough refrigerators.

2- Major kitchen appliances you may want. Are your old appliances energy-efficient? Kitchen design online includes deciding if you need a dishwasher, trash compactor, wine refrigerator, wine racks or a microwave.

Place the sink, the stove (or cooktop) and refrigerator (or storage, cooking and clean up) within a few steps of each other and make sure that your kitchen design online creates an efficient working triangle.

3- Effective lighting is very important - lighting defines the room, it gives the room personality, vitality, drama, it allows you to see where you are going, what you are doing and it is important for practical and design reasons.

Natural lighting from windows or skylights is crucial in your new kitchen design online because it will brighten the room's working surfaces, the colors and textures will become alive and will enlarge the kitchen.

Different sources of artificial light or artificial fixtures will also give more versatility and more options for you or your family.

General lighting which will brighten and provide overall light like chandeliers. The lights can be turned on and off as you are moving from one area to another.

Accent lighting - this type of lighting will give ambiance for example, sconces that cast light along a wall or ceiling and under-the-cabinet lights.

Task lighting includes lights like pendants and recessed lighting that give you more intense light directed toward working and cooking areas.

Using dimmer switches is a great idea because they will help you set the room's mood, you can adjust the intensity of the lights in the room and you may reduce your utility bills.

4- The best kitchen design online layout that works for you - anticipate how your traffic will flow and how much natural light and windows you will have.

Open kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. Kitchens today include the cooking, dining and living spaces to accommodate the entire family and friends when you are entertaining.

Comfortable and relaxing seating is important. Most people like to gather in the kitchen before, during and perhaps after the meals.

Decide what is the best location for your sink and how much counter space do you need. The kitchen triangle is the most efficient way for the food preparation area (sink, refrigerator and range or cooktop).

Good kitchen design online means that the work triangle is efficient and the steps a cook must take during meal preparation are the minimum when working between the three areas - sink, refrigerator and cooktop/range.

The total distances from the sink to the stove and to the refrigerator - and back again - should not be less than 12 feet nor more than 26 feet.

Each triangle leg should measure between 4 and 9 feet long. The kitchen isles should be at least 42 to 48 inches wide to allow people to move around and for appliances to be opened with ease.

5- Decide what storage needs you have - if you buy food in large quantities and you cook for large groups of people, you will need more storage nearby.

• You may need storage or a pantry for food (cans, oils, candy, cookies, legumes, sodas snacks, cereals, etc...),

• you may need some storage or open shelves to show off your beautiful plates or ceramics,

• your refrigerator is another source of storage - depending how much you shop, how big is your family and what size is your kitchen,

• you will need storage for your pots and pans... to store your pots and pans, you may need a hutch or a pot rack which may be a good idea. You will also need storage for your knives and other tools.

• you will need to have a convenient area to place your grocery bags and it should be near the refrigerator and other storage area where you can put the other dry groceries.

• you will need storage for plastic containers, daily dishes, steamer, salad spinner, glassware, cups, bowls, etc...

• storage for your spices, herbs and other condiments is also necessary in the kitchen.
• consider a wine storage section if you like to entertain... perhaps another storage section for cookbooks, recipes, appliance manuals and guarantees.

6- Decide the style, colors and texture you would like for your kitchen design online. You may want a very contemporary style, country style, casual or formal, or perhaps a traditional look.

A contemporary kitchen tends to have more streamlined surfaces. Materials have to be flush because you do not use moldings and finishes are often glossy.

A traditional kitchen design online would be using more natural materials, exposing the hinges, having moldings that are more elaborate and perhaps having exposed wood beams. Most designers like to blend a traditional look with all the modern conveniences.

Some people mix both styles without being concerned with these rules or conventions and their kitchens look beautiful.

Other kitchen design online and design kitchen ultimate recommendations:

• Select the right colors, textures and finishes that are easy to wipe clean and that you enjoy working around. Read about what options you have for cabinets here!

• Make sure your counter top is water-resistant, durable and easy to clean. Your counter top will have to take a lot of wear and tear.

• Pay attention to how you use your corner space with corner cabinets. There are some very nice corner cabinet options that will give you a lot of extra space.

• If you have a large kitchen, having two sinks may be a good idea! One sink should be for cleanup and the other should be for washing vegetables and doing the main work when cooking. Since entertaining often requires frequent cleanup, locate the second sink close to the dishwasher and trash compactor.

• Keep your pantry or storage area and refrigerator close to the area where you unload your groceries. This way your job will be much easier and more efficient - good kitchen design online.

• If you are going to have a cook top for cooking, have plenty of counter space on each side for food preparation and serving. Your sink should be close by to help you wash or drain certain items and clean up afterward.

• To install an island in the center may a good kitchen design online idea. Do your kitchen design online in a way that your working areas are not too far apart. If they are too far apart, your work will become inefficient.

If your kitchen island is fixed in one place, you will be required to have electrical outlets, but if you buy a butcher block cart that can be moved around, you will not need electrical or gas connections.

For islands, bakers racks, lazy susans, cabinets, cabinet organizers, cookware and appliances information - read more on butcher block kitchen islands here.

• Soften all sharper points and corners, especially on counter tops. It will be safer for children and for your body. Good kitchen design online includes safety considerations.

• Having glass doors below the counter can be a safety hazard. They can get broken easily and hurt someone. Located properly higher on the wall, glass doors can be attractive for the wall cabinets as a wonderful visual element.

• To make a more beautiful room, add plants, flowers and bowls of fresh fruits to enrich and add color to your kitchen design online.

• If you are remodeling or building a new room and want to avoid increases in your budget, do not make last minute changes in the kitchen design online plans. This will drive up the cost of your project.

• Wood or vinyl flooring are good choices for your floor because these materials are easier on your legs and lower back. The other options for the floor could be ceramic tile, slate and granite.

• Create a section for informal dining. Most of us enjoy eating meals or in this room because it is convenient and close to the cooking and serving areas. Invest in a nice table and comfortable chairs to have meals with your family and friends.

• Today's kitchens often have TV's, computers and fax machines, allowing you the option to have an office or desk space for business or homework with your kids. To have a desk for work and a large entertainment center may be a good kitchen design online idea.

• You may want to consider having a separate area with bins nearby for recycling items (plastic, glass and newspapers). Adequate and efficient storage is important. Make sure you plan storage for food, small appliances and recyclables.

Types of kitchen shapes for design essential guide kitchen and free kitchen design online.

Double L-Shape - This kitchen design online has a lot of cabinet space, plenty of room and two or more entering areas which can cause traffic flow problems.

To avoid some of these problems, create two separate working areas on each L so your work flow does not get interrupted by human traffic.

The U-Shape - This kitchen design online shape has three walls instead of two and the sink usually is located in the middle wall section.

The refrigerator is usually on the wall opposite the stove and oven location and the U-shaped design has quite a lot of counter space.

This kitchen design online tends to create a working triangle which is very efficient. The working triangle should be around 26 feet or less.

The only problem with this type of kitchen design online is that sometimes the two U corners are not used appropriately.

The G-Shape - This type of shape is becoming more popular and it gives you a fourth wall. This fourth wall section can be used for counter and storage space.

The Single Wall - If you do not have much space, you may only be able to have an I-shaped room. No problem. Just be sure the sink is placed between the refrigerator and the stove.

The Galley Shape - This type of kitchen design online is more common in apartments or in homes when space is limited. The cabinets and the appliances can be located or placed on opposite walls for better work flow.

If these options are not what you want, consider hiring a designer to help you design or modify your current one. Define payment terms before he or she comes to your house and make it clear that you only need the services for a few hours.

Kitchen design online and design kitchen Tuscan recommended reading

Whatever style home and kitchen you have or are planning on having - a log home, a Cape Cod home, a country house or a Victorian home - there are general principles that will apply to good kitchen design online!

There are great planning resources that may be just what you need to have the best kitchen possible - check them out!

Great Kitchens: Design Ideas by Ellen Whitaker, Colleen Mahoney and Wendy A. Jordan

Kitchens have so many different functions for the family as well as functioning well, which is a major challenge for most designers.

Kitchen design online principles often make it the social center of the home - it can be a place for eating, a place for working and a place to organize everything from spices to household finances.

Using illustrations, photographs and charts, this practical book teaches you the complicated process of designing and building a great room - a space that will work for everyone living in the home. This book also covers types of material choices including finding, evaluating and overseeing contractors.

Use books authored by professionals to help you with kitchen design online, learn kitchen planning and layout, design a kitchen online and a design kitchen Tuscan, country design kitchen concepts and ideas.

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