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Kitchen counter island designs can help create a practical and attractive area for any kitchen. The island in the kitchen makes you think of the farmhouse kitchen where food preparation was done on a large wooden table.

Most kitchen island shapes or peninsulas work best in a large L or U or G-shape space. Very small to mid-size rooms should probably use a portable butcher block or cart for food preparation and extra storage.

If you are running out of storage space and have enough floor space to spare, you should consider building a country kitchen tables island.

• 1- Kitchen counter island designs and peninsulas give you:

• Extra working space if you have two cooks in the house,
• An area for eating certain meals,
• Secondary food preparation area,
• Butcher block,
• Wine rack,
• Refrigerators,
• Microwave,
• Place for a bar,
• Second sink,
• Cooktop and general storage.

Most peninsulas are attached to a wall, allowing you to have ceiling-hung cabinets, if you wish. When the unit is not attached to any wall, it is called an island.

To design one is not too complicated as it is made of base cabinets, countertop, appliances, fixtures and good lighting.

In larger sized spaces, a kitchen island placed correctly will reduce the distances between the stove, the sink and the refrigerator. For comfortable movement, allow at least 4 feet of space around all sides.

• 2- If your island is going to have a cooktop installed, make sure you suspend from the ceiling a good range hood for the elimination of cooking odors and smoke.

When you buy range hood exhaust fans, it is a good idea for the range hood to be about three inches larger than the cooking area is on each side.

As for the proper fan size, plan on having about fifty cubic feet/minute air removal capacity for every square foot of cook top area.

If you want the island to have a sink or to be the food prep space instead of a cooktop, be sure that you buy a deep sink, so that larger pots and pans can be washed. You can add a garbage disposal, a trash compactor and dishwasher.

• 3- Many islands will have a second sink or a cooktop installed. Make sure you have sufficient countertop area on each side of the sink or cooktop - 15-inch wide runs of countertop or more if space permits.

If you have a small kitchen, make sure you have a kitchen island or butcher block that is proportional to the size of the room.

• 4- Make sure the traffic aisle is wide enough for someone in a wheelchair - at least 48 inches from the island or peninsula to the cabinets. It will be safer and more efficient for the entire family and friends.

• 5- Shelf space for cookbooks, spices, paper towels and collectibles can be used to dress up the sides. Consider adding a built-in TV or a microwave for cooking or warming up food.

• 6- Extend the countertop or recess the cabinets for knee space in the kitchen island.

Any adult will need around 36 inches of clearance between the wall and the edge of the table to be comfortable and get up from the table. Allow at least 12 to 15 square feet to accommodate a person in the eating area. You will also need electrical and plumbing hookups.

• 7- Seating across from the cooktop is great for a quick meal, but make sure the countertop area between the chairs and cooktop measures at least 15 inches. You don't want to be eating too close to hot pots on the stove or cooktop and possible spattering food.

• 8- Rounded corners on the island is a good idea - they protect children and the elderly from bumps - this is also true about all countertop corners.

• 9- As for kitchen counter island designs and the material used - it can be different from your counters. Just be sure it is compatible with the overall design of the space.

You may wish to spend more for solid wood, granite, marble or stainless steel and have laminate material on the other countertops.

A butcher block counter top makes a great place for chopping food and a granite or marble counter top is ideal when rolling out pastry dough.

• 10- You should maximize daylight by having windows and/or skylights plus keeping wall surfaces light in color to maximize the daylight reflection. Use pendant lighting or recessed fixtures to illuminate any work areas you choose.

Electrical outlets should be located on the sides of a fixed island, not on the unit's top to prevent electrical shock. This will likely be required by building codes.

• 11- If you want a pot rack above the island, there are pot rack chandeliers or pot rack with pendants available that will provide task lighting to the working area and a storage place for your pots and pans in the same fixture.

• 12- Kitchen islands are used to help establish a different traffic pattern by directing the traffic away from the working triangle which is the cooking, cleaning, refrigerator and preparation area - this allows the cook or the cooks to work without major interruptions.

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