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Cooktops and ranges should have kitchen range hoods or ventilation hoods to eliminate smoke, steam and cooking odors. Opening doors and windows to ventilate a kitchen helps but often this will not be sufficient.

You may need to install a ventilation system that draws out air and cooking vapors when you are cooking.

You can select kitchen island range hoods that have three-speed blower controls. Recirculating range hoods only remove steam and grease. It does not solve the entire problem. The best solution is to install an exhaust hood that captures the particles of smoke and grease and exhausts them to the outside.

Some of the older models only recirculated the air in the room and they did not vent the air out of the area.

An important aspect of the kitchen range hoods is the need to maintain indoor air quality, temperature control and an odor-free environment.

The size of range hoods should be based on how much you cook, the size and location of your stove or cook top and how the exhaust pipe is configured.

Island cook tops or ranges will require kitchen range hoods that are wider, exhaust fans that are more powerful and more functional ventilation.

When you buy range hoods kitchen exhaust fans, the range hood should be larger than the cooking area by about three inches or more on the sides.

As for the proper fan size, have about 50 cubic feet per minute (CFM) capacity for each square foot of cooking area.

For example, with a 2.5' by 2.5' cooking area, having a fan capacity of 300-325 CFM would be the minimum size (2.5 x 2.5 = 6.25 and 6.25 x 50 = 312.5).

And if you cook a lot, you can increase the size to 400-500 CFM.

If you'll be using a wall-mounted exhaust fan, allow about 100 CFM per square foot of cooking area and use 300 CFM per square foot of cooking area for island exhaust fans.

Fans are rated in "sones" based on the amount of noise they produce. A rating of "1 sone" means that it is the quietest, higher numbers will be noisier. Of course, quieter fans are more desirable.

Types of kitchen range hoods, kitchen island range hood and kitchen aid range hoods:

• 1- Wall hoods (they mount on the wall).
• 2- Ceiling mounting hoods or chimney island hoods (mounted on a centralized cooking island).
• 3- Kitchen range hoods that can be mounted underneath the over-the-range cabinets.

If your kitchen has an island and you want to have a kitchen range hood over the cooking area, make sure the exhaust fan is powerful enough to eliminate smoke and steam up and out.

If you are remodeling and you don't know if you have any duct work installed to vent odors and grease to the outside, just open the doors of the cabinet located over the range.

If you don't have duct work inside of that cabinet, you will need to install it.

This construction job may require tearing into the walls and ceiling. The duct work will have to be placed between the ceiling joists and then exit through the side of the house. A contractor should handle this type of job.

Books about kitchen planning, Kitchen Aid range hoods and design.

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Kitchens That Work allows you to understand the complex process of designing and creating a great kitchen - one that works for everyone living in the house.

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