Learn how to design your kitchen, tips about kitchen remodel design and how to design a kitchen island.

How to design your kitchen and tips about kitchen remodel design should help you make most of the decisions that you will need to make when remodeling or planning this room.

When designing your kitchen, make a list of all items and areas that you did not like about your previous one.

• What kind of budget do you have for your kitchen remodel design, design a kitchen island or designing a small kitchen?

• Did you have enough storage?

• What about counter space and preparation space?

• Do you have a good lighting plan, including natural lighting for most areas?

• Are you planning to replace all or some of your appliances?

• Are you wanting to add and design a kitchen island with storage, cooktop or food preparation or cleaning area?

• Are you keeping the same traffic flow and work triangle which is the most efficient distance between the sink, refrigerator and cooktop or range)?

• How large is your family? How much do you entertain? Do you invite a lot of friends for parties? How many cooks will be using this room when you entertain or have parties?

There is a percentage of homeowners that will have a very beautiful room but don't cook - it is only a show place.

Some people will entertain a great deal and this space is the center of their home, it also functions as their office, a place where they do homework with the kids and a place where they cook and entertain friends and family.

Whatever you do, kitchen remodel design and designing a small kitchen today has become more complex, more expensive and how this room looks can add or take away value from your home. However, this doesn't mean that you have to spend $75,000 to have a beautiful space.

If your neighborhood does not require a very high-tech food preparation room with expensive materials and finishes, you should probably not invest a lot money in kitchen remodeling design, because if you sell the house, you may not get back what you invested.

When you remodel, you have to determine how much storage space you need, what type of cabinets and pantry you want, what materials you will use for the countertops, back splash and floors.

What type of quality and efficiency appliances you will buy and what overall lighting plan you will have is also important to your kitchen remodeling.

Most homes today have an open plan design kitchen with good natural light where you can cook while your friends and family can be watching TV, eating, drinking, talking, helping you prepare meals or enjoying themselves in the same open area.

How to design your kitchen and tips about kitchen remodel design are important to a successful design.

How to design your kitchen and basic kitchen remodel design.

Basic kitchen remodel design and solutions for designing a small kitchen means that you can re-do the room without spending a great deal of money.

If your kitchen cabinets are still in good condition, you may consider painting them or staining them for a different look. If your cabinet boxes are in good condition, you may consider replacing the doors, drawer fronts and hardware only.

If you need to replace all your cabinets because they are not in good condition, there are a lot of attractive and reasonably priced materials that will give your kitchen the decor and sophisticated look you want.

Cabinets become very expensive if you have a very large room with lots of cabinets and you use custom cabinets made of exotic woods.

Make sure your appliances are of good quality and are energy efficient.

You don't have to buy stainless steel appliances if you don't want to spend much money...all white, beige or all black appliances are also attractive and less expensive than stainless steel.

Determine how much you want to spend for each appliance and if you have appliances that are still working well, you may want to consider reusing them. If you buy professional or commercial appliances that are stainless steel, your budget will go up considerably.

Depending on your budget, hardwood floors are more expensive than vinyl or some tile flooring. Countertops and back splashes will be cheaper if you don't use granite, marble, stone, stainless steel and concrete.

Hand-painted tiles or imported tiles are also expensive - you can find other types of synthetic tiles that are reasonably priced, durable and beautiful.

Lighting is crucial to any kitchen remodel design, designing a small kitchen and when you design a kitchen island - natural and artificial lighting is a must.

In this kind of room, you should have windows or skylights for natural light and recessed lighting, pendants, perhaps track lighting, cove lights and under-cabinet lighting.

You should have as much lighting as possible in the room to have a good design plan for the kitchen. It is important to try to have all the different possibilities mentioned above.

If you need to stick to your budget, buy fixtures that are not as expensive so you can have as much light as possible.

Design a kitchen island is another element for the space that needs to be decided. An island requires a certain amount of space around it to work effectively.

Depending on the size of the room, if you can only have a small 3' x 6' island, for example, you will need at least 130 square feet of floor space for the traffic flow around the island to function well.

A kitchen island is a great source of extra storage, you can use it as a food preparation area with sink and you can also install a cook top. It can be used to do homework or work in the computer and it can also be used for family and friends to eat and drink.

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