Find kitchen storage for small kitchens, large kitchens and organization products for your kitchen!

There are several kitchen storage alternatives available for your kitchen.

• Closed kitchen storage - includes kitchen cabinets, under the counter pantries, corner buffets, pantries, cupboards, hutches and all the storage items included on this page.

• Open storage in the kitchen - bakers racks and bookcases can be used for your cookbooks, antique glasses, ceramics and other similar items.

Keep in mind that open storage will require you to keep the items neatly arranged.

• Kitchen pantry storage - is great storage with glass doors or solid wood doors.

You can use them to store your linens, canned foods, other food supplies, baking supplies, pet food, daily plates, mugs, bowls, food or pots and pans.

• Appliance garages - this type of storage uses most dead space in a corner of your kitchen cabinets and they can be installed in the vertical space between the wall-mounted cabinet and the countertop.

Wine storage - you can find open racks for your bottles or wine coolers to keep your best wines at optimal temperature, ready to uncork and enjoy.

• Kitchen pot racks - are great storage for pots and pans that you use daily. You can find pot racks that hang from the ceiling, over an island or counter or on the walls of your home.

Pot racks work well in the kitchen because they will keep cookware and utensils handy at arm’s reach.

• Kitchen islands - will have utility drawers and shelves with panel doors that you can use for storage. They usually have casters, allowing them to be rolled around the kitchen for daily cooking.

You can use the storage for pots and pans or dishes and silverware, depending on how often you use the kitchen island.

Kitchen islands don't have to be large, and you don't need to load them with several appliances. Allow the top of the kitchen island to be used for preparing food and as a work space.

• Recycling storage - you can use slide-out shelves holding several containers or baskets and stackable recycling containers for recycling materials including newspapers.

• Cabinet organizers - the interior of your cabinets can be refitted with organizers. These organizers can be found made of plastic coated wire or enameled steel.

You can use these organizers for pots and pans, for cutting boards, cleaning supplies, for pot lids, etc.

You can also get cabinet organizers that display everything in the cabinet, so you don't have to dig around to find what you need.

• Lazy Susans and carousel shelves - these rotating shelves are great storage and they maximize dead corner space inside of your cabinets.

These types of shelves can be used for pots, pans, cans, kitchen cleaners and any other items you wish to place there.

Lazy Susans and carousel shelves are easy to clean and they allow you to reach items easily. A Lazy Susan rotates 360 degrees and carousel shelves rotate 270 degrees.

Books about kitchen storage for small kitchens and kitchen pantry cabinet.

Cabin Kitchens and Baths by Esther Schmidt, Franklin Schmidt.

Cabin Kitchens and Bath - looks at what challenges you can be faced with when you will decorate or remodel these rooms in log cabins.

Learn more about designing kitchen storage, kitchen cabinet storage for small kitchen and kitchen pantry storage.

This resource provides information about cabinet design and installation, appliances to consider and architectural details.

This book also contains information about color selection, kitchen storage for small kitchens, kitchen pantry design and plans that will help make a dream kitchen or bathroom a reality.

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