Landscape lighting and rustic post outdoor lighting for your backyard.

Landscape lighting is related to the reasons why it is important to landscape your entire front and back yard.

• 1- Landscaping can make your property and home more valuable and appealing,
• 2- You can spend more quality time outside your home, enjoying the surroundings with friends and family,
• 3- With landscape lighting in your backyard, you will extend the amount of time each day you can spend and cook outdoors,
• 4- Your children may enjoy playing outdoors more or may have a place to play that is just for them,
• 5- With the capability of cooking outdoors, you can keep your indoor kitchen and family room cleaner and more clutter free,
• 6- You and your family may need a refuge, a place to relax, to sit and talk, a place to swim, a hot tub or spa and a place to cook and eat together.

A good design includes taking advantage of your best views, streams, perhaps a river, rocks, mountains and trees.

All of these elements will help create your unique landscape. If you don't have any of these elements, others will have to be created.

Once you determine the best qualities of your backyard, you should decide what kind of paths, vegetation, trees and flowers you are going to plant.

You may need to also decide what patios, decks, water fountains, ponds, gazebos, fireplace, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen or walls you are going to build to enhance your backyard.

Lighting for the outdoors is crucial to your backyard's safety, security and beauty. If a patio or deck is located near the house, you can place spotlights on the eaves of your home that will provide light where you need it.

It is also important to have the steps and the railing of your deck well lit with appropriate light fixtures - this is called functional or practical lighting.

Use dimmer switches for any type of landscape lighting to control the mood of your backyard and the intensity of the light.

Accent lighting is another major aspect of landscaping lighting. This type of light uses lower voltage lighting. You have several types of accent lighting:

• 1- Up light fixtures will provide illumination upward from the ground level to trees, plants or other focal points in your yard.

• 2- Shadow fixtures can focus on any object you choose and can cast a shadow against a wall.

• 3- Walk lighting is used in walkways and pathways and it gives a form of down lighting.

• 4- Moonlighting fixtures are installed in trees and can provide a kind of dim light.

• 5- Side lighting fixtures are installed to focus and illuminate a focal point.

If you don't want to install electrical wires in your backyard, you still have many choices for providing light.

Luminaries are one good example plus oil lamps, candle lights that can be recharged, candles, fire pits, garden torches, outdoor fireplaces and electrical lighting using solar power - you can use any of these by themselves or together if you want.

The light from a rustic oil lamp feels wonderful, it is very natural and also appropriate in any garden.

Books about landscape lighting and landscape ideas

The Complete Guide to Creative Landscapes - Designing, Building and Decorating Your Outdoor Home by The Editors of Creative Publishing International.

Learn 7 landscape design secrets as well as planning a landscape with style that is both functional and beautiful.

The important concept covered is how to use a kind of "outdoor rooms" theme where the different areas will be dedicated to various lifestyle activities.

Not only will the landscape that results be both attractive and stylish, it will also be a very practical outdoor living space to be enjoyed.

Creating Beds and Borders - Creative Ideas from America's Best Gardeners by Lee Anne White.

Learn how to give structure, how to shape space and combine specimens for sweeps that really catch the eye.

Learn how to use foliage, architectural shrubbery, perennials that flower, herbs, beautiful roses and annuals.

This book covers everything from laying out the area to selecting the plants.

Written for gardeners in North America, the information presented draws on fifteen leading designers and what they have learned. The emphasis is on how to experiment using color, texture and form.

The Landscape Lighting Book by Janet Lennox Moyer.

You will learn the theory behind the design, needs of the project and steps to take to create great landscape lighting.

Projects the author has designed - many award-winners - are included along with others from professionals all over the USA.

Complementing the text are photographs, drawings and diagrams that give a visual understanding for newer and more creative ways for transforming landscapes with lighting.

New Complete Guide to Landscaping - Design, Plant, Build by Better Homes and Gardens.

This book has garden ideas, step-by-step project instructions, and plant selection and care tips ensure a stunning landscape you can enjoy for years to come.

Gives you easy to follow instructions when designing and building your landscape, detailed landscape plans and care instructions and tips for hundreds of plants to use in your backyard.

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