Learn landscaping ideas, backyard landscape design ideas and free home landscaping ideas.

Design landscaping ideas for free - when you will be developing your front yard or backyard free landscaping ideas strategy, the most important concept to remember is to really PLAN!

A design that is going to work will include outdoor elements that you like as well as elements reflecting your own tastes. You should also be sure that what you do is in line with the style of your home and the surrounding homes in your neighborhood.

And there are other elements to take in consideration for a good backyard landscaping.

You must begin considering how your property is currently laid out, what about your area's climate and of course, what is your budget.

Done correctly, good front or backyard landscaping will allow you to unite the indoors with your outdoor space available, providing you a place of beauty to welcome friends and family.

When planning your landscaping design, make sure that the style that more or less matches the rest of the neighborhood also follows the local building codes.

Good design landscaping ideas for free ideally:

• Will minimize your backyard maintenance,
• Will allow you and your family to relax and have fun,
• Will give you more privacy,
• Will increase the appearance and value of your property,
• Will give you more attractive walkways and driveways.

Walkways, pathways and driveways can be done with a variety of materials like brick, stone, cobbles, concrete, asphalt, gravel, grass and mulch.

If your home is made of brick, it may be a good idea to match the pathways and walkways with the house materials.

Pathways determine how you are going to move through the backyard.

• How many paths do you need?
• Determine how you are going to use the garden?
• Do you need a path from the house to the deck or patio?
• Do you need a path to the garage?
• What about the swimming pool?
• Do you need a path around the house?

When considering design landscaping ideas for free for planning a landscape, you need to:

Select a Style. What look do you want to create from the many landscaping styles that exist. You can be as creative as you want and use elements from various styles that will result a look being your own:

• 1- English Garden. This style should use shrubs and perennials in a way that will complement your home's design.

• 2- Oriental. This style will combine water, rocks and evergreens with various other plants.

• 3- Mediterranean. This style uses evergreen shrubs, aromatic herbs like rosemary, oregano, sage and lavender.

Olive trees, eucalyptus, cypress trees and palms are typical trees used with this style. Very little maintenance and watering is required with these design landscaping ideas for free.

• 4- Woodland. The Woodland style can be used to blend your landscape with a backyard that's wooded and maybe including a waterfall or two.

• 5- Formal. This style tends to have symmetrical patterns that are balanced, straight lines parallel and perpendicular, precise geometric patterns, straight central walkways, orderly well manicured plants, topiary, fountains, ponds and outdoor sculptures.

• 6- Informal. This style uses beds and pathways that have curved edges, asymmetric shapes and randomness that exists in nature. Plants are often arranged in what appears to be random patterns. Gazebos, bridges, rustic benches and streams go well with this style.

Identify Problems - look at problem areas that landscaping ideas can help solve. If your house has rooms that become too hot in the afternoons, a well-placed shade tree can reduce the sun's heat.

If your lawn has bare areas, look at what kinds of greenery would exist best based on the conditions in that area (for example, shade-loving vs sun-loving plants).

If you need more privacy in your backyard, consider hedges, walls, fences with tall shrubs to solve the problem.

Maintenance - think about how much time and expense you want to spend with maintaining the landscape. If watering and weeding or pruning is not something you enjoy doing, then select plants that require little attention.

Perhaps reflecting ponds or rock gardens can be worked into your design. If your climate is dry, using drought-resistant plants will simplify life as maintenance will not be a major issue.

Waterfalls and fountains add a rich dimension to a landscape, whether as the focal point that the rest of the yard is designed around or a beautiful way to circulate water in pools, spas or ponds.

Waterfalls can be simpler in their design or more elaborate. They can be designed to flow into a pool or pond, their origin could be a stream that flows, perhaps the waterfall cascades dramatically.

Formal precast fountains of all shapes, sizes and themes may be self-contained or installed in the center of a pond or pool.

More contemporary fountains and benches at the end of a path may not be very decorative in themselves but they will create a dramatic focal point.

Arbors, gates and bridges are a few of the possibilities for clearly defining where one garden room ends and another begins.

Consulting with your landscape contractor or water feature specialist can help you decide the most effective landscaping ideas for adding a water feature to your yard.

Books with home landscaping ideas and backyard landscape design ideas.

Landscaping Your Home - Creative Ideas from America's Best Gardeners by Lee Anne White.

In this informative resource, various leading designers will show you pictures and create layouts of front yards as well as back and side yards, giving you backyard landscape design ideas and home landscape designs and ideas.

The book has great ideas to be used for entrances, pathways, types of plants to use and explains how to use landscaping for better situating a home which in turn can increase its property value.

Beautiful illustrations help make this landscaping ideas manual very easy to follow.

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Landscaping by Author Joel Lerner.

This book helps you create the landscaping ideas of your dreams and will give you a list of the most popular trees, shrubs and flowers to be used in your backyard.

You will learn the five most important basic principles of landscape design that give structure, interest, comfort and mystery to your garden.

Produced to be the most comprehensive do-it-yourself book on successful landscaping, backyard landscape ideas and home landscape designs and ideas.

New Complete Guide to Landscaping - Designing, Planting, Building by Better Homes and Gardens.

This book gives you beautiful garden ideas, step-by-step project instructions and plant selection and care tips ensure a stunning landscape you can enjoy for years to come.

It gives you easy to follow step-by-step instructions to design and build your landscape, detailed landscape plans and care instructions and tips for hundreds of plants to use in your backyard.

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