Better laundry storage and laundry room storage cabinets for your home.

Are you looking for laundry storage options or a laundry room storage rack? In your laundry room you should have storage for your supplies (detergent for example), a utility sink in case you have to wash certain items by hand, clothesline for drip-drying, a table to fold clothing and good lighting.

Use laundry room storage cabinets and laundry storage closets to keep your room organized. To save floor space, make sure you hang your mop, broom and dustpan on wall hooks.

If you are remodeling or building a new home and you have several floors in the house, to build a laundry chute is probably a good idea.

If your home only has one floor, to place hampers in all bathrooms, bedrooms and the laundry room is probably a good idea.

If you decide to build a chute - an opening and chute that transports clothing from one floor to the laundry room - the chute opening can be placed on the wall, with a hinged or flap door and perhaps inside a closet.

If you have small children, keep the chute opening as high as possible and hidden. You don't want any of your kids or their friends trying out the chute and get hurt in the process.

A chute opening does not need to be more than 12 inches wide. At the end of the chute you should locate a pull-out hamper to be the dirty laundry storage. When the hamper is full, it can be rolled over to the washing machine.

Laundry organization room should have the following sections with laundry room storage cabinets and laundry room storage rack:

• 1- Collecting - place baskets or hampers where dirty clothing and bedding can be placed. Hampers should be located in the bathrooms, kids bedrooms and laundry room.

Perhaps your kids can learn more responsibility by putting their dirty clothes in the hamper daily. Make it fun for your kids...praise them when they do it.

• 2- Sorting - if your family is willing to help, create separate hampers to divide light or dark color clothes, hand-washed and permanent press clothes. Make them responsible for separating the clothes and use the hampers.

Don't buy the hampers until they all agree that they are going to do it... Most hampers are sold with removable canvas bags or fabric liners. Use the canvas bags or liners to take the soiled items to the laundry room.

• 3- Washing and drying - if your washing machine and dryer are in an enclosed space, make sure you add shelving or wall cabinets for your laundry cleaning products.

By the way, for health reasons, consider using safe cleaning products that are natural in your home.

• 4- Folding and hanging clothes - a table for folding clothes is a good choice.

Hooks, hangers and garment racks are perfect for hanging some clothes that just finished drying, and if you hang them immediately, you will not need to iron them.

Towels, sheets and other items - you can fold them on the table in separate piles to be taken to each room in the house in portable containers or baskets. Put the name of the family member on the container or basket. Perhaps they could put the basket away themselves.

• 5- Ironing - an ironing board that you can pull down when you need is a good idea. If your house is small, buy an ironing board that can be placed over a door or folds easily to the washer or dryer.

Life will be a lot easier and happy with carefully planned laundry storage!

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