Luxurious leather throw pillows and lodge style leather throw pillows for your home.

Beautiful accent leather throw pillows for your home! This collection of leather and cowhide pillows are designed from high grade genuine leather made to last a lifetime. Made with tooled leather, cowhide, fine european leather and studded leather, these pillows make a statement of their own.

Throw pillows with images on them are made in the U.S.A by using fine European leather. The images are applied using special inks that combine with the actual leather fibers. Shop for leather throw pillows, cowhide pillows, western pillows, cowboy pillows and more!

Are you looking for lodge style leather throw pillows?
Throw pillows for your home can also be made from the following materials - cotton, leather, silk and cotton.

You can buy throw pillows with animal prints, embroidered, with mirrors or breads, with flowers, western motifs, stripes and many shapes, colors and sizes.

Pillow construction is the manner in which a pillow is sewn together to contain its fill material plus the fabric used in the covering. The way the pillow's seam is stitched determines its durability.

Corded, piped, or braided seams are most effective in preventing fill from leaking and prolonging the usefulness of the pillow. Fabrics with high thread counts will contain down fill most effectively.

Rust Fiesta - 18x18 Inches Leather Throw Pillows Covers - Leather Suede Pillow Cover with Applique

Beautiful rust leather trow pillows are made in India. These leather pillows are the perfect style to any room in your home.

Mermaid - Decorative Pillow Covers - Leather Pillows Cover with Mermaid Design

• Mermaid decorative leather sofa pillows for your home!
• Dimensions for handmade decorative pillows leather are 20 inches x 20 inches.

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