Decorative home lighting fixtures and ceiling light fixtures for your log home.

Deciding what lighting fixtures you want for your home can become a bit complicated because of all the different possibilities.

You can consider using chandeliers, cove or cornice fixtures and recessed lighting. You may want to have track lights, spotlights or wall lights. You may want under-counter lights in the kitchen.

There are so many options and you will need to decide the best possibilities for your home. You may want to consult with a designer if you are having difficulty deciding what to do or - you may understand enough to decide what you will want.

Good lighting design and planning can have both practical and dramatic effects in your log home.

Without good illumination, the decor and the personality of your house can not be developed properly.

• 1- Movable Fixtures or Plug-in lamps includes traditional table lamps, floor lamps, modern table lamps, torcheres, night lights, task lamps traditional floor lamps are some of the types of movable fixtures. These products have their own built in switches.

These fixtures are easy to change and easy to take along if you move. Some of these home light fixtures offer great flexibility, they have their own built-in switch and they are good for reading or ambient light.

Others can be a good source of indirect lighting. These products sometimes include dimmers which will allow you to adjust light output and change the ambiance. Dimmers that control most of your lighting fixtures are a wonderful idea for most homes.

• 2- Surface-mounted fixtures - these can be installed on either walls or ceilings and they are great for providing ambient light. These light fixtures - like the chandeliers and ceiling fan/lights - can be very decorative.

Wall sconces tend to be used in hallways and you can find all kinds of different styles. Do not place sconces in corners - you may end up creating hot spots. Place them at least 5 1/2 feet from the floor.

Bathroom makeup light should have two requirements - to give you shadow-free lighting and to give you warm, smooth-toned color temperature.

The traditional bathroom light fixtures look like strings of incandescent globes placed on a strip-like base. Under-the-cabinet task lights are usually used in a kitchen and are placed under the wall cabinets. Fluorescent illumination is commonly used in this kind of location.

Under counter light and clean halogen lights can make the space appear larger and more comfortable. These fixture lengths are available in sizes from 12 inches on up.

Strip lights can be used in stair railings, some architectural columns or other places you want to have noticed. You can find these types of fixtures in rigid and flexible format.

• 3- Track Lighting Fixtures - are easy to install, widely used and offer versatility. Track lighting is a long metal channel with conductors that run the entire length from one single ceiling box. Today you can find track lighting fixtures that have hanging fixtures.

Track lighting is available in various lengths and it can accommodate pendant fixtures, clip-on lamps and spotlights. However, the use of spotlights should be avoided in bathrooms and laundry rooms for safety reasons.

• 4- Recessed Lighting Fixtures - these light fixtures are very popular, offer very effective illumination and they are not very visible. You can use any bulb types and sizes depending on what desired function you are looking for.

These types of down-lights usually come pre-wired and grounded and are easy to install. Because they produce a lot of heat, you should remove the insulation within 3 inches of the fixture.

There are some recessed lighting fixtures made that can be in contact with the surrounding materials without producing a lot of heat. Recessed units are very often used in kitchens and bathrooms and typically will use incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs.

• 5- Outdoor Lighting Fixtures - garages should have some security lighting that is motion sensitive and can be controlled by switches located inside and outside the house.

Driveways in wooded areas should have soft lighting to define the boundaries of the driving path.

Swimming pools, garden and spas should have enough illumination to be safe, attractive in your neighborhood and give you the option to entertain outdoors. Consider putting all fixtures on a dimmer switch.

Decks, patios, front walks and steps should all have some type of low level light for safety reasons. For trees, shrubs, and outdoor structures you can use up-lighting, down-lighting and back-lighting for better results.

Another suggestion is that timers, motion sensors and photocells should be used with the lights so they will automatically turn themselves on and off. You will be able to set and change the timers to the hours you want.

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