Find a little tikes kitchen play set online, this playset can provide years of creative playtime for children ages 2 and up.

It's true - this little tikes kitchen play set provides interactive playtime for both young girls and boys. With over forty sounds that are in response to what the child is playing with, the little tikes side by side kitchen play set has enough room for several children to play and interact at the same time.

Why are children so attracted to this playset?

Little Tikes Kitchen Play Set Cookin Fun Interactive Kitchen

The playset includes a pretend oven, refrigerator, sink, microwave, coffee maker, faucet, dishwasher, cellphone plus thirteen accessories. There are even shutters on the window that can be opened or closed, depending on what's 'outside'.

What are some of the kid's playhouse sounds?

When a child turns on the faucet, they will hear the 'running water'. Somehow, the stove recognizes which foods are being placed on the burner.

When cooking with the microwave oven, there are three different cooking sounds that can be heard. The microwave even has a lighted timer that counts down the time remaining.

Are dishes being washed? The sounds of the dishes and silverware being washed will come through like it's really happening.

Is assembly difficult?

Reviewers agree that assembly is easy. The playset dimensions are 37" long by 18" deep by 44" high. Four AA batteries are required and are not included.

People purchasing the little tikes kitchen play set write that they spent considerable time online comparing products, features and pricing.

After all, you likely want a kitchen playset that is safe, is fun and appealing to the child, gives educational value and is long-lasting. This little tikes side by side kitchen play set gives all of these according to reviewers.

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