The Little Tikes Log Cabin is an ideal outdoor kids play house for kids to hide away and play in...

The popular little tikes log cabin is a life-size outdoor kids play house for children ages 2 years and older. The little tikes log cabin provides a place of their own where the small ones searching for adventure can pretend and play.

This outdoor kids play house comes with log detailing that looks real, a pretend wood shake roof and yellow shutters that actually can be opened and closed to let the breeze come inside or for playing peek-a-boo games.

Children can pretend that they are coming home from hunting, fishing or finding food and then preparing the meal for the entire family.

There is a pretend fireplace for staying warm, a play phone for talking with all their friends and a dining table that can function both as a grill for cooking sumptuous feasts as well as dining.

The Little Tikes Log Cabin has dimensions of 47 inches wide by 51 inches long and 59 inches high which will be a sizable playhouse for young kids.

It is roomy enough so that mom or dad can fit inside while dropping by to visit. The pieces are made of durable plastic construction and are designed to support up to sixty pounds. Some assembly is required.

Is the assembly difficult for this outdoor kids play house?

Reviewers seem to agree that assembly will take between 30 minutes to one hour and is not too difficult. The included instructions recommend that you use some dish soap to lubricate the plastic parts so they more easily slide into place.

What about locating the Little Tikes Log Cabin playhouse indoors versus outdoors?

Indoors, of course, is ideal. The playhouse should be placed on carpet if the floor is hardwood or tile to help keep it from sliding around.

It is lightweight enough so if you wish to move it within the room, doing so should not be difficult. Many playhouse dwellers have theirs located year 'round in the basement.

As for outdoors, the playhouse is totally suitable to be located on a porch, deck, patio or in the yard.

The question will be - are bugs and spiders also going to want to live in the playhouse!

Depending on where you live, another consideration can be - will moisture and mold can accumulate in the outdoor kids play house if it is located outside?

For many climates, this will not be a concern.

With all the fun to be had when young settlers play in their Little Tykes Log Cabin, it's no wonder that this outdoor kids play house is a classic best-seller.

Whether yours is located inside or outside, consider selecting this popular playhouse when deciding what to give your young child or children that will provide them years of creative playtime.

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