Log cabin book - enjoy a book on log cabin building, find the rustic cabin design architecture book, even the ultimate log cabin quilt book here.

Why buy a log cabin book?

A book on log cabin building design and construction can give you ideas that will help you create that dream retreat you've always wanted. The rustic cabin design architecture book is one of the best ever!

There are several professionals who have written a book on log cabin building that will provide you with numerous ideas, forms, considerations and advice that will make creating your dream rustic cabin design architecture easier.

Learn from the pros! Here are popular and informative design and decorating resources available online...

Cabins and Camps by Authors Ralph R. Kylloe and Ralph Kylloe.

This log cabin book shows you mountain homes from various locations throughout the USA.

One of the reviewers writing about this book called it the best resources on this subject that he's ever owned.

You will find it is packed with pages and pages of gorgeous examples that have been successfully built, each of them with wonderful interiors.

Another reviewer wrote that it is a 'banquet for the eyes'. What this means is the book has beautiful full color photographs of the illustrated rooms and interiors in the cabins/camps that are included.

Rustic Cabin Design and Architecture - Log Cabin Book by Ralph R. Kylloe and Ralph Kylloe.

This is THE rustic cabin design architecture book. Focusing on the architecture and details, the author discusses creative rustic architecture designs that revive the made-by-hand tradition of building this kind of home.

Included in this log cabin book are homes that have been designed and built successfully. Many years ago, this kind of space was an important structure necessary to protect the frontier people from the elements.

Numerous photographic details illustrate the high-quality work in logs and masonry. As for the interiors, the use of a blend of antiques and modern furnishings create comfortable, livable and attractive places to live. This rustic design architecture book is one of the most popular titles on the subject.

Building and Furnishing a Log Cabin by W. Ben Hunt

This resource covers how to build three different sizes - a single room cabin, a one-room/lean-to and a structure with three rooms.

By following the step by step instructions - from selecting the building site, how to clear the land and constructing the foundation to installing the plumbing fixtures, heating system and lighting fixtures - you'll be lead through the process of creating your own small log home.

What if you're not sure about building a complete cabin? No problem! Instead, learn how to make small furnishings like lamps or candlesticks or even a fence - what you should know for building and finishing rustic furniture such as beds, chairs, benches, tables, shelves, gates, signs and even birdhouses.

Cabin Kitchens and Baths by Esther Schmidt and Franklin Schmidt.

A cabin often should not be considered just a home in the woods.

It is a specific kind of structure that requires special attention as to how it will be decorated, how the rooms and living area will be organized, even how the structure will be situated on the property.

This is one of the best log cabin books because it examines and explains solutions to challenges that will come up when you decorate or remodel baths and kitchens in this type of home.

Since these homes often have small spaces and unusually shaped rooms, learn as much as you can from others who have created beautiful rustic baths and kitchens.

Learn from the professionals in this industry on relevant subjects such as appliances, cabinets, use of color and successful floor plans to help create that dream kitchen or bath.

The rooms in a log cabin or home can be complicated. The authors explain how to coordinate architectural elements, how to furnish this style of structure, design considerations and floor plans with expert sidebars that illustrate beautiful structures. If you are considering remodeling this kind of place, obtain this book for your library.

Building Your Dream Cabin in the Woods - The Guide to Building & Maintaining a Back Country Getaway by Author J. Wayne Fears.

Most of us likely think about one day having a retreat hidden away in the woods with many of home's comforts. Many people may be of the opinion that it's impossible to build and afford such a dream without the services of a construction crew.

The author has a very different opinion - he explains how you can realize your dream and at a price you can afford.

This log cabin book covers the important subjects that you will need to think through for your project to be successful - tips when you buy your land, how to plan the structure, how to actually do the construction yourself or with others helping. This is a practical log cabin book.

The Cabin - Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway by Authors Dale Mulfinger and Susan Davis.

The examples in this book on log cabin living cover sizes that range from a single room rustic retreat to a luxury home - one will understand why it is so great to experience life in these kinds of structures in the country.

The authors explain not only what features make for a beautiful space, they discuss the emotional aspects of owning a rustic home.

Over thirty places are showcased in this log cabin book using photographs, floor plans with related sidebars about the necessary details that will be important when log cabin building.

The Ultimate Log Cabin Quilt Book & How to Make a Quilt a Day

If you have ever wanted to make this kind of quilt, you may have made mistakes that cost you valuable time and money.

This ultimate log cabin quilt book explains step by step for beginning quilters how to make a quilt.

Each of the steps is photographed and described clearly. The author simplifies quilt making which allows you to approach your first quilt projects more confidently.

This ultimate log cabin quilt book tells you what is needed for each quilt size. The ultimate log cabin quilt book carefully explains how to use the fabric during construction. The instructions include many different sizes of quilts, from one suitable for hanging on the wall to a crib size to a large king sized quilt.

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