Enjoy what you can learn from log cabin building videos and books...

When looking online for log cabin building videos, there's not much that's available. However, there IS one log cabin building video that's still available. You can get it here.

This how to build a log cabin video is published by Hometime and hosted by Dean Johnson. If you're interested, you should obtain it soon since one day it will likely be out of print.

There's not even an image of it available. However, the how to build a log cabin video is still very much available here:

Go here for the only VHS Log Cabin Building Videos Item by Hometime.

Here's what this 140 minute video covers:

• Preparing the logs
• Assembling the shell
• Staining logs and framing the roof
• Windows, wiring and doors
• Chinking logs and framing floors
• Framing slip-jointed walls
• Roof tiles
• Knotty pine paneling and tile beds
• Installing a log-type sauna
• Setting tile and hanging cabinets
• Installing trim and fixtures
• Interior chinking
• Kitchen finishes
• Maintenance and finishes

And learn how to select the correct tools, how to save on materials and completing your project on schedule.

Besides looking for log cabin building videos, you may find information you need in one or more of the books on log cabin building.

There are several really good ones - you should always read what other readers have to say about their experience with a particular book.

Here are examples of the best-selling log cabin books:

Building Your Cabin in the Woods - Guide to Building and Maintaining a Back Country Getaway by Author J. Wayne Fears.

This is one of the books that help make a dream become something that is real!

This book covers subjects you need to know to create this kind of dwelling - topics like land buying, to planning your structure, to actually doing it - either on your own or with some help.

Includes special chapters on keeping your cabin clean and pest free as well as important information on maintenance and repair.

Log Construction Manual - How to Build Hand Crafted Log Homes by Author Robert Wood Chambers.

Information about wood selection rules, instructions for building hip and valley log rafters and roof trusses from full-round logs and detailed steps for how to lay out the logs for the sill for various types of wall structures.

The author provides useful information on how to organize and finance your project and he gives specific instructions that will save both time and money and avoid common mistakes made when building this kind of structure.

Hand crafted homes and cabins built with these materials can be expensive, however, they are affordable for many who build as an owner.

This is a well-written book for log home owners and builders and professionals who want to know the best way to build a handcrafted log cabin or home.

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