Log cabin kits can save you time and money, if you know how to compare cabin kit packages...

Log cabin kits are manufactured and sold in several different combinations. To accurately compare log cabin home kits between various producers, you must make sure you are comparing similar packages.

Log cabin packages come in these general combinations:

Wall materials only - just the exterior wall logs, fasteners, and sealants will be included in this most simple of the kit packages.

Weatherproof materials - this kit package includes the logs for the walls, fasteners, and sealants, plus exterior doors and windows, roof materials, and exterior trim materials.

Once construction begins, it's important to dry-in your log cabin as quickly as possible to protect it from the weather. Sometimes the floor system is included as well as porch materials.

Total materials package - this type of log cabin kit includes the weatherproof kit materials plus interior wall and ceiling materials, doors, trim, and insulation.

Since these types of log cabin kits have the most components, comparing prices among kit producers can be more difficult.

Even with the total materials package, much of your log cabin home is not included.

Your land, utilities, well and septic tank, the excavation and basement or foundation, and electrical/plumbing and heating/cooling stems are examples.

Appliances, cabinets, and fixtures are probably not included. These examples of what is not included are not a problem as long as you account for these in your overall budget and log cabin building plan.

How do you keep up with what is included or not included in your log cabin kit?

One of the easiest ways is to use this helpful Log Home Project Planner - Managing a Log Home Construction Project workbook.

It's published for anyone that's beginning the log home or log cabin planning process and will save you lots of time and money.

It contains reproducible forms and checklists that you need when comparing what's included or not included in each kit that interests you.

How can I find log cabin kits manufacturers?

One of the best ways is by searching online. Log cabin package producers that have been in business for some time generally have websites that show their products and services.

The manufacturers of log cabin packages will vary in company size - from a few employees and one location, to large corporations that manufacture and construct log homes and log cabins throughout the USA and other countries.

To do business with a small company, they'll need to be near your log cabin building site. Larger companies may have local dealers that represent them and can provide you with the products and services locally.

Whichever type of company you'll be working with, make certain you check their references and past customers before selecting them. Buying some log home and log cabin books and magazines will provide you with plenty of industry sources of log cabin kits.

One of the best ones is called Muir's Log Home Design. It includes the top 100 log home and log cabin kits manufacturers in North America. Review Muir's Log Home Guide that lists the best log cabin kits suppliers.

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