Consider these issues when selecting or creating your log cabin plans.

Having your own log cabin plans that have been done JUST FOR YOU is a crucial part of having that special cabin.


Your log cabin plans are the paper version of your residence. All the planning, designing, changes and anticipation that is part of making it happen need to end up on paper - YOUR plans. You and your builder will use your plans to build your final project.

Have you searched for plans that may already exist, ready for you to build? You can go to one of the best sites that has plans that have been built and are ready to use and see all the log cabin plans...

Online, you can find websites that have plans that have been built and are ready for you to use.

Enjoy your search!

On the plans site that you choose, you can define your log cabin plans search in several ways if you'd like. If you know how many square feet you want, search that way.

If you know how many bedrooms or bathrooms you want, search that way. Search by sales popularity, one or two-story or home plans that include a garage.

Once you find the plans that you like, look further and see what options are available.

What if you find log cabin plans that you like, but need to modify? Be sure the home plans service can modify your plans any way you want.

Once you choose your log cabin plans, what kinds of sheets will you get with your plans?

The most common plan pages are:

• 1- Exterior elevation showing each of the 4 views from the front, back, and sides of your log cabin.
• 2- Foundation plan that shows the excavated area plus the walls detail.
• 3- Floor plan showing the arrangement and dimensioning for each floor of your log cabin.
• 4- Section views that show vertical views through your walls and foundation.

There can also be section views of the interior of your cabin for areas such as the fireplace, the kitchen or the bathroom.

• 5- Framing plans that will provide details about your structure that has any conventional wood framing in the walls or sections.
• 6- Roof plan that will give details of how the roof is framed and supported.

There can also be additional sheets showing information on windows and doors, electrical and plumbing and how your cabin will be situated on the site.

How many sets of your log cabin plans do you need?

You'll most likely need at least 5 sets of plans. You'll want one set for yourself, one for your local building department, one for your builder and two for subcontractors.

If several subs will need their own copies, then nine copies may be needed. Your builder can help you know what's going to be needed.

Can you get list of materials to build in your area? Yes, you can.

If you're interested in a list of the materials needed to build the cabin in your area, check the information included along with the pricing for the plans. Material lists are usually available.

Want more information?

You may be surprised how much you'll learn while reading and looking through the best books and magazines. Check out these informative titles listed below.

Cabins and Camps by Ralph Kylloe

This book gives pictures of mountain homes and cabins all across the USA. These rustic homes showcase luxurious USA homes and new rustic designs from the leading designers today.

This book shows how a beautiful mountain retreat can become a refuge and place to rejuvenate and recharge.

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