Highly recommended log home books and log home design books will help you build your dream log home...

Log home books - having several of the best log home books handy is important when creating your dream log home.

From breath-taking log home photos to pitfalls to avoid to lists of items to check to help guide you, each log home design book in your library will help give you information you need to see your dream become a reality.

To be included on this page, the log home design book has to be a best-seller that's authored by an industry professional. Just select any of the titles of the log home plan books shown below that interest you to review or to order. ENJOY!!!

Log Construction Manual: The Guide to Building Hand Crafted Log Homes by Author/Builder Robert Chambers

This guide is important if you'll be building this style of home or cabin... informative log home design books. Covers the entire process to help you organize and create your dream house.

The illustrations are great, the text is objective and factual. The author presents the best way to do a particular task. He is very forthcoming when he states if he finds a better way of doing it in the future, he will begin doing it that way.

This book is highly recommended reading.

Log Home Care & Maintenance: What to Know to Buy, Maintain & Enjoy Your Log Home by Author Jim Olsen Davis

Learn to maintain this kind of structure by understanding materials used, the construction basics, the properties of the different wood types and how wood responds to both temperature or humidity changes.

Learn more about how to design and inspect these kinds of homes, understand the approaches to prevent problems before they begin. Included is a regular maintenance plan that addresses problems such as planning for extreme weather, general cleaning and how to prevent damage from termite and insects.

Log Homes Made Easy - Contracting/Building Your Own Home by Author and Builder Jim Cooper.

The author takes the approach that these homes are products of modern engineering and construction methods.

This rustic style of design and building demands the correct knowledge and experience to build successfully.

The author provides information on shopping for kits, selecting land, estimating construction costs, securing financing, selecting a builder and overseeing construction. Numerous checklists and forms are provided - they can be photocopied for use - for the owner and contractor.

Project Planner: Your Complete Workbook for Managing Your Log Home Construction Project by Jim Cooper.

This complete workbook for managing a construction project will help you get organized and stay organized.

Builder and author Jim Cooper has created a usable workbook to help you organize, plan and oversee the construction of this style of residence.

Here is what it contains - Cost Detail Sheets, Cost Sheets, Request for Quote Forms for Subs, Estimating/Bidding Worksheets and a Bid Tracking Form to easily keep track of the status of your bids and estimates, Daily Site Report and a Construction Calendar - vital for helping you keep the project on schedule.

A working manual meant to be used and re-used - write in it, copy the forms you need, do calculations...when your structure is finished, it should have cost less if you've really followed the steps provided. This working manual is the best for managing the construction of your own project. Besides including the needed forms, it has instructions for their use.

The forms and worksheets are organized to follow the construction sequence of a typical project - a highly recommended resource and log home book.

The Log Home Plan Book - Favorite Plans, Decor and Advice by Cindy Teipner Thiede and Heather Mehra-Pederson.

This log home plan book has thirty favorite plans by builders and designers across the United States. Each floor plan is illustrated with beautiful color photographs of the landscaped exterior and fully styled interior.

The pictures and plans together give you valuable information, advice and planning tips from the people who design and build these kinds of homes.

Inside The Art and Spirit of Log Home Decor by Authors Cindy Teipner Thiede, Jonathan Stoke and Cindy Thiede

This book provides suggestions, understanding and inspiration surrounding the personal and expressive world of log cabin and home living - a great log home design book.

Cindy Thiede offers hundreds of photos of uniquely styled homes and cabins. Sometimes you will find the interior is comfortably familiar, other times you may be surprised, and no matter, each room can show you possibilities for your own emerging vision of your residential space.

Cabins and Camps by Authors Ralph R. Kylloe and Ralph Kylloe

One of the persons reviewing this log home book called it the best resource on cabins/camps that he has ever owned. This reference is filled with pages upon pages of gorgeous cabins and beautiful camps, every one of them with wonderful interiors.

Another reviewer writes that this book is a 'banquet for the eyes'. What is being referred to is the visual treatment that the full color photographs bring to the illustrated rooms and interiors in the cabins/camps that are included.

This great log home book belongs carefully displayed in the living room on the coffee table to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.

Muir's Guide for Builders and Buyers by Doris Muir and Allan Muir.

Muir's Original Log Home Guide was the nation's first log home magazine ever produced. It started out in 1978 and each updated edition has been a best seller. This issue - the Millennium Issue - is like no other issue ever produced.

Published in a magazine format, this is one of the most popular ever. It has 260 pages, no advertising and it's in FULL color. What's so valuable is its listing of the top 100 log home builders and manufacturers in North America - supplementary log home books information.

Small Log Homes - Plans and Advice by Robbin Obomsawin.

Robbin Obomsawin is the manager of construction and the general contractor for a log-home building company called Beaver Creek Log Homes. She has been involved in this kind of work for over twenty years.

Whether you're planning a starter residence or a lifelong retreat, this is one of the most popular log home books for planning, building and outfitting a smaller home built from logs.

Log Home Maintenance Guide: A Field Guide for Identifying, Preventing, Solving Problems by Gary Schroeder

The author is a former forester, a builder of custom handcrafted log homes as well as a restoration contractor. There are hundreds of thousands of these style of houses from the Great Lakes region to the West, from the Great North Woods to the Deep South.

Indeed, several national magazines cater to the lover of these style of structures for design and decorating ideas. This maintenance title offers a guide to the unique maintenance issues that owners must plan for and look after to protect their home. Special challenges exist when building with logs and when planned for correctly, result in a beautiful problem-free residence.

Cabin Kitchens and Baths - Log Home Books by Esther Schmidt and Franklin Schmidt

One of the best log home books that analyzes issues that arise when remodeling or decorating kitchens and baths in log homes and cabins.

Includes tips from pros in the industry on cabinet design, kitchen and bath appliances, interior details, use of color and plans to help create a dream kitchen or bath. This log home design book is an informative resource if you want to decorate or remodel a cabin or home.

Logs, Wind and Sun and How to Handcraft Your Own Log Home by Rex A. Ewing and Lavonne Ewing

Approaches building a log home step by step. The authors recommend not to undertake this kind of construction project unless you have had quite a bit of prior building experience.

You'll learn the facts, how to use them, what the authors experienced while building their own log home.

The information covering solar and wind energy explains how to create a self sufficient home. With the information in this log home book, you'll have what you need to create a log home or cabin that is self powered.

Best Log Home Plans by Robbin Obomsawin

The romance of log building has inspired American creativity for centuries. To capture this kind of style demands hard work and planning. Allow these homes to fuel the fire for you to create a home that captivates your imagination.

You will find a variety of home sizes and styles that may provide you with the ideas you are looking for as you organize and create your own special place - log home books.

Flea Market Decorating

Have you ever found yourself at a flea market thinking how neat that piece looks but how can you use it at home? If this is you, then this book is one you'll most definitely enjoy. The resource discusses display ideas and illustrates room by room what other flea market junkies have created.

The first part of the book describes what the typical person is like that enjoys going through the flea market to find various treasures and what they do with their finds once they arrive at home. The second part describes techniques of flea market shopping and ideas for what to do at home with various finds.

You'll want to have these best-selling log home magazines when planning your dream log home...

Review these log home magazines to help you with design ideas and many other log home topics.

Getting yourself informed with log home books should be one of the FIRST steps you take so you can understand what's going on, what can happen so you can move forward making smart, educated decisions.

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