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Are you looking for rustic log home decor and log home interior decorating?
Before they determine how to decorate a room, most designers will find out how the room will be used by the family members.

They evaluate the architectural details, size and shape of the room and they determine what focal points can be used in each room.

Fireplaces, dramatic staircases, windows with a nice view, built-ins, large piece of furniture, large decorative mirror and niches with beautiful paintings or an art collection can be frequently used as focal points in any room for log home interior decorating and decorating home interior log style.

Lighting for log home decor and log home interior decorating is also very important and complex because it is related to how you will be using your home.

And with a log home or log cabin home interior, it will be more expensive to add more lighting or wiring later between the logs, behind the chinking and other hard to reach or expensive places.

Your rooms should have plenty of recessed lighting on the ceiling, task lighting, wall sconces, pendant lighting, antler chandeliers and other types of rustic lighting.

If your log cabin floors are dark, consider using rugs and furnishings that are light-colored - it will help give more light to your room.

Remember that logs tend to absorb light! It will be cheaper to assume that you need extra multi-task and general lighting during construction. To read more about different types of lighting, go here.

Once you create a plan for each room or perhaps one room, you can start considering colors, what type of floors, fabrics that match or complement the furniture, lighting fixtures and decorating accessories.

For your log home decor and log cabin home interior, make sure you know well how traffic patterns will flow in the room, how you will be using the room, what direction the doors swing and what type of storage and shelving you will need in each individual room.

Make sure you distribute small and large furnishings throughout the room, not just on one side of the room.

When buying furniture, consider the size of the room. Frequently, people buy furniture that is not proportional to the size of the room (examples - large sofas for a small room or small dining room set in a large room).

If you have a large bedroom, living room or family room, create several compartmentalized activity and seating areas to create a cozy and inviting athmosphere.

Create reading areas, a media center area, window seating with a view, game table and chairs area and set up several seating areas near the fireplace in the room.

To create two seating areas in the living room, place two sofas back to back, include several other smaller chairs around plus console tables and end tables in the corners. To identify the different seating and activity areas, use area rugs to define the groupings.

Books about decorating a log home interior, log cabin home decor and rustic log home decor.

Cottage Style Decorating by Cynthia Overbeck Bix

This informative book is about cottage and country style decorating and offers lots of photos.

Cabin Kitchens & Baths by Esther Schmidt (Author), Franklin Schmidt (Photographer)

Covers design and decor for log home kitchens and bathrooms, decorating home interior log plus rustic furniture for your log home or log cabin.

This book gives you tips about floor plans, appliances, materials, cabinets, lighting, color, and more information about building the perfect bathroom and kitchen in your log cabin or log home.

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