To find a log home design specialist, here are three major types of log home designers.

If you want to build a log home, you might want to consider using a log home design specialist. This is someone who will design your home to your specifications.

You might have heard that these kinds of structures can be built from kits, but they can also be built from scratch. Your log home design specialist can figure out what you want and then draw up a plan that fits your needs perfectly.

Log home designers differ based upon their experience, education, the company they work for and their professional credentials.

You'll want to hire somebody with good references, good credentials and adequate experience. You'll also want someone that you feel comfortable with and who will listen to what you want.

Ask to see a portfolio of your log home design specialist's past projects. Your project should not be the first one of this kind that they have done.

This kind of structure presents its own unforeseen challenges and you want your log home design specialist to be experienced in this area.

Here are some different types of log home designers.

Company Log Home Design Specialist:

This kind of specialist is an in-house architect, design or draft person who will work with you to create the design you want for your log home. A draft person will be handling most of the drawing and design.

If this is your situation, make sure that you have a qualified designer or architect to oversee the drafting work to make sure that it is up to code and will provide you with a sound structure in the end.

Many of these kinds of companies provide a variety of kits and floor plans. These kits range in complexity from just containing the logs and their fasteners to complete systems including doors, windows, roofing materials, etc.

Research the Internet to look at the wide variety of designs and plans you have available to you in the market.

Architect Design Specialist:

This is perhaps the most educated of professional log home designers. A qualified architect can help you create your home from scratch and see any pitfalls you might encounter in the planning stages, so that they can be avoided.

You should ask to see the architect's previous designs, check references and check background to make sure he or she has the experience and education claimed.

Your architect can meet with you in person. He or she can also oversee the construction process from beginning to end so that your place is both built to your specifications and is structurally sound.

This option will likely cost you the most up front, but may also be the most cost-effective in the end, since it in general presents the fewest problems.

Fees are generally based upon a percentage of the project cost or are based on the project's square footage. You should look for several architects in your area and then choose the best one for you when you design your place.

Online Service Log Home Designers:

With this option, you use a reputable online national plan service to buy a ready-made log home plan. This is considerably cheaper than a plan drawn up from scratch by an architect.

Most of these services have staff in-house that can modify the plans you choose so that they are still personalized to meet your needs.

As you visit these services, you can choose specific criteria, so that you'll see only the plans you're interested in. For example, if you want to have three bedrooms, you can choose only plans with three bedrooms.

You can also choose based on square footage, number of bathrooms, number of floors and the like.

If you find a plan that you really like, research the company itself and the plan prices to determine what you want.

Whether you're just getting started on designing and building your log home or have gone a bit further in the process, take time to look at your choices. Your log home should be well designed and well-built so that it provides you many years of shelter and comfort.

Before you design and build your project, you can learn as much about the building process as you like by doing some research.

Important considerations include cost control and choosing your specific log home designers so you get just the dream you're looking for in the end.

Books about log home designer information...

Log Homes Made Easy by Jim Cooper.

Cooper provides hands-on how-to information on the needed steps required to design and create a log home.

He covers the organizing, getting started, comparing quoted price, how to use the internet to find info you want and choosing an architect.

This book also covers planning the building site, important considerations for your well and septic tank systems, how to choose and manage subcontractors, scheduling and keeping the project costs on budget.

This guide also includes kits information and arranging the financing. A well-written how-to resource manual for anyone wanting to create a new log home.

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