What rustic or contemporary log home design issues should you consider before you begin building your dream log home?

When thinking about your log home design ideas, you probably know that one day you are going to live where you really want to live and that may not mean living in the city. When you buy a log home, you feel connected to nature.

Maybe you have been collecting log home design ideas from books, magazines and the internet and have already put some ideas on paper. The design part of creating your dream log home requires research, planning and it can take some time, but this stage can be a very fun and rewarding time.

Your log home is going to provide you the space, form and function that reflects YOUR needs and desires.

So coming up with whatever that means can be a lot of work but it can also be very fulfilling.

Take some time and begin reading, thinking, searching the internet and organizing what you find.

Keep notes and analysis of the space you want for each room, including goals and ideas for it. This website will help you with many of the important log home design issues that you need to consider before construction begins.

For your log home design analysis, decide how your home will function.

Start making lists - make a scrapbook of pictures, styles, furniture, fabrics, staircases, fireplaces and other things you may want. Buy some log home books and magazines or take photographs of items that are important to you.

Picture how traffic will flow...will you be entertaining guests? Is having a fireplace high on your list of priorities? Note the placement of stairs, loft railings, ceiling coverings and the relationship of a front entry to individual rooms. What do you like about where you live now...what would you change?

One way to learn more about what you want your log home design to include is to look at possible plans that may be what you want.

Every one that you see can give you ideas that you had not thought of. Visit online great log home plans services.

Check off 'Log' and any other criteria you want, then search their database to see dozens of great plans. ENJOY!!

Begin exploring log home styles. You will need to select the style that you really want and like, one that excites you. You'll need to choose either the manufactured type which offers the possibility of a more contemporary log home design or handcrafted style.

MANUFACTURED LOG HOMES are made using machines that cut the logs into the shape that is desired, and the result is logs that are uniform and with no taper. These kind of companies use logs that generally are between 10 - 18 feet.

These logs are available in different shapes and the styles of the corner treatments vary with today's technologies.

There is quite a variety of packages to select from. These types of manufactured log homes can be assembled faster than the handcrafted log home.

This means that they will be less expensive than HANDCRAFTED LOG HOMES. Most people that try to build with the authenticity of a colonial log cabin still use tools such as axes, chisels and scribers.

This type of construction is very labor intensive and the construction process takes longer and costs more because so much is done by hand.

This method tries to maintain the natural shape of the tree and each log is carefully cut and shaped for that specific location in the log shell, which is usually assembled at the company's yard. The pieces are numbered, taken apart, then shipped to the home site to be reassembled.

Whichever style you choose, the kind of logs you select is an important decision to be made. You can read more on choosing your log wood here.

Early in your log home design, begin looking for your site - the land and location where your log home will be built.

To be done correctly, your log home design should be done for YOUR specific site. The views that your site may have are a very important element.

You'll want to take advantage of any special elements that your site has such as nearness to the forest, views of the water or mountain views.

Whether your property is flat or sloped is an important factor to consider. Do you want a walkout basement? Your design should place the drainage system with your site slope considered. Read more information on the considerations for buying land.

What about your log home design analysis of space and orientation?

In general, how you orient your rooms should be as follows: locate the bedrooms towards the cooler, nighttime north. Have the kitchen on the east side to take advantage of the morning sun.

The living room and recreational room can have a kind of transitional orientation, facing the warm noon south sun. And the dining area can be oriented towards the late afternoon western sun.

Natural light is a powerful positive factor in human health and well-being. The combination of early morning sun and a great cup of coffee is THE way to begin a new day!

Consider what windows, doors, and trim you will use. The windows can be larger if your site has views. The materials used, the shape, orientation and finish will add to or take away from your logs. The colors used can complement your logs and design when done correctly.

No matter where you build, most log homes should have decks, patios and porches - either enclosed or open. This will give you protection from the elements while at the same time having some interaction with them.

Once you have your design done, decide who your builder will be. If you decide to hire a building contractor, it is important that your builder be local to your project so that they can be on site on any given day.

A builder that is too far removed geographically from your project may have a difficult time actually being on site as often as they should.

Be careful trying to save money by being your own general contractor. If you have experience in the construction trades and take enough time off from your work, you can consider being your own builder.

Log home design and the building process require a great deal of skill and time. They are not a form of low-cost housing, no longer like the small cabins built in the colonial times.

You will have many choices to make as you complete your planning and design. Remember that construction materials and labor are the most expensive items.

Use this log home design analysis software to create the design just right for you:

One of the most practical and fun ways to create your own design is to use software. Good software should have several thousand choices for you included in the database, it should be easy to use and it should allow you to view in 3-D. Learn more about a great home design software here.

Check out the home design software reviews from other users. You'll see sincere and realistic comments from others that are designing their dream home with this great software.

Whether you are wanting an affordable log home design northwest USA or southern or northeastern USA, luxury log home designs, a log home design analysis of your ideas - enjoy the process as you create what you really want.

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