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Log home designs represent a wide variety of choices and many different patterns. A most important part of the log home designs process is selecting the correct kinds of logs for your home.

These kinds of structures were built in the colonial times with local materials and woods like spruce, cypress, birch, aspen, tamarack, fir, redwood and cedar plus with a great deal of hard work and patience.

Today, you can purchase your logs from a mill which produces more uniform wood and a higher energy efficient home. Remember that logging your own logs requires a permit and in some areas, you may not be able to get one...

We also need to think twice about cutting trees down for the purpose of building a log home or log cabin... unless the property belongs to you and you have lots of trees to harvest and build your home.

Issues like log home designs, how to design your log home, log cabin designs and rustic log cabin designs plus cabin design interior log info are crucial in the construction process. these kinds of residences are simply beautiful because logs have an unexpected presence.

If well built, they should stand for a long time. A home built of logs recalls another time and place in history and the wood merges with the environment easier than any other type of house.

For log home designs, you will need to determine which size you are going to buy - if you prefer very large ones, your home will need to be larger, with high ceilings, large windows, large fireplaces and very large rooms.

When decorating a large log home, make sure you have furniture in proportion to the size of the room. A room will look best if furniture, objects and patterns are proportional to one another and also to the size of the room.

As for the log color, honey-colored ones are a desirable color for owners and enthusiasts. Gray logs are another color that is used often and dark brown is also very popular. The main point is to select a color that makes you and your family happy.

It's important to realize that logs should not be painted on, so if you have a particular color in mind that's not available, the best thing for you to do is to create a home with walls that are made of materials other than logs.

Some log home designs have the exterior wall made of the wood but the interior wall can have a combination of stucco, stone, timber frame and framed walls.

Sometimes an all-log house can just feel a little too dark, especially if you are using a darker shade of wood as opposed to a more tan, lighter shade of wood. Logs don't have to be used alone, of course.

There are a variety of other materials that can be used alongside the logs to give the desired effect.

Glass, stone, copper and steel are all different varieties of materials that can be used in combination with a log home exterior.

One should realize that accentuating the logs within your home is important and not everything has to be human-made.

The very color of the wood you are using and the imperfections and notches are important visual elements when creating log home designs.

You should try and use the same style of wood for each particular room. Burled wood, although it can look almost burnt with it's black marks, is really just a tree that has had to defend itself from parasites. This particular kind of wood can look beautiful, especially after adding a light finish.

An open floor plan can make way for many different things, including a beautiful fireplace if that is what you're interested in.

An open floor plan can also give you a chance to arrange your own furniture into different groups and create a space that is both unique and most interesting. Make sure you consider traffic flow around your furniture and from room to room.

Log home designs require you to determine if you are going to have the interior walls with logs or other materials.

• 1- This is the first step of log home design - natural finish, paint and architecture which includes the shape of the room, fireplaces with or without mantels, timber frames, built-ins, crown molding, windows and door trims.

At this point you should select the paint colors for each room and decide what you going to paint.

• 2- Determine which flooring you will be using in each room. Most log home designs use wooden floors, marble, tile, slate and painted floors.

Wall to wall carpet is not really recommended in a log home, instead, area rugs are a much better option.

• 3- Are you going to use upholstered sofas, recliners, window seats and ottomans in fabric (solids or prints) and leather?

If you are going to choose fabric for your sofas with a designer, make sure you buy extra fabric for curtains and throw pillows.

• 4- Determine what patterns, both small and large, textures and fabrics you are going to use for each room. Take pictures of the room and samples of what you want to use to your favorite fabric store. Ask for help at the store if your are having problems mixing patterns and fabrics.

• 5- Decide where built-ins, cabinets, rustic log home furniture, hutches, trunks, bookcases, side tables, wicker baskets, benches, entertainment centers and working desk are going to be located.

Make sure each room has a beautiful focal point.

• 6- Lighting is an important design element that will give style, dimension and comfort to each room.

Chandeliers, wall sconces, recessed lighting, floor lamps, table lamps, candlelight, track lighting and task lighting are all important elements in log home designs. Add dimmer switches for mood control in each room.

• 7- Accessories and plants are the last touches to any log home room. Flea markets and second-hand stores are great places to find attractive vintage accessories for your home. Create display shelves for your antique collectibles or plate collections.

Visit other pages on specific log home designs on this website to learn more about designs and decorating with a rustic style.

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