How - and where - do you find really good log home floor plans?

Are you looking for those very special log home floor plans?

You'll need your own log home floor plans, because they will be used by you and the building professionals to build your new log home. One of the most important questions to answer when looking for the perfect plans is - how will you be USING your log home?

For example, how many rooms should your log home have and what are their functions? How are they to be arranged and connected? Will your family be growing, or will it be getting smaller as children mature and move out on their own?

Your log house floor plans will show the layout of your log home, how the rooms are arranged and connected.

It will show the main function of each room - kitchen, bedroom, den, living room and so on. If your log home will have two stories, your floor plans will show each floor and its detailed layout.

Once completed, your log home plans will have the arrangement and exact dimensions of each room (the room sizes), the location of windows and doors, and the locations of electrical outlets in the walls.

The most common scale for log home plans is 1/4" scale, meaning that 1" on the plan equals 4 feet for your log home.

Finding, selecting, or creating your log home floor plans can be done in several ways:

1- Find the log home plans that you want using a home plan service.

Chances are, they have one or more stock log home floor plans that you like. There's a quality home plan source that has been providing plans for decades that has dozens of plans for log homes and cabins...the plan you'll love may be waiting here for you...take your time and have fun.

Even if you find plans that you like but need to make changes to - no problem! Online and by phone, you should find plan services that have a professional staff to take care of your design changes. Research online great log home floor plans!

You can search for log home floor plans by house style, by number of bedrooms, number of floors and so on. Besides having a great selection of log home plans, plan services can usually modify your plan any way you want.

Who knows...your plans might be waiting for you!

2- Another way to have your floor plans is to work with a log home producer. Log home producers usually have their own home plans.

You simply select a log home floor plan that you like. Manufacturers usually have in-house designers, so making changes you want to the producers stock plans can be done if needed.

If you choose this way, you'll need to use that manufacturer's logs, since they will have their own ways of designing and building log homes.

Examples of log home construction systems that vary from producer to producer are corner systems, settling systems, and weathertightness systems.

3 - You can work with an architect or residential designer. This way will cost more, but if you want to create a unique log home floor plan, this way can certainly make it happen.

Make sure that the professional designer has designed log homes before, because there are important differences in conventional construction plans and log home plans.

What are the formats for log home floor plans?

You can generally get your log home floor plans in these formats:

•1 - Printed on blueprint paper, ready to use.

•2 - Mylar plans, which are made on erasable paper, are best if you want to work locally with your designer or builder and will have a few changes to make to the log home floor plans. Once the changes have been made, additional sets can be printed to actually use to build.

•3 - CAD plans, which are best if you'll have a lot of changes to make, are done in an electronic format. Once the changes are made, actual plans can be printed to use.

How many sets do you need? That depends, and often, log home plans can be purchased in 5-8 set quantities. You'll want a set, your builder and the subcontractors will each need a set, and the local building department needs a set.

Books about log home floor plans

The Log Home Plan Book - Favorite Plans, Decor and Advice by Cindy Thiede, Heather Mehra-Pederson

This book provides 30 wonderful log home plans and 125 color pictures. These plans are favorites of builders and designers in the USA.

Each floor plan is illustrated with beautiful color photographs of the landscaped exterior and fully styled interior.

Weaving pictures and plans together are valuable information, advice, and planning tips from the people who design and build log homes.

Best Log Home Plans by Robbin Obomsawin.

The romance of log building has inspired American creativity for centuries. Capturing the romance requires hard work and planning.

Featured here are thirty of the most popular floor plans from top handcraft design professionals.

Each has been thoughtfully planned to incorporate distinctive quality and timeless design. They take the dreamer beyond the standard contruction drawing and average floor plan to the place of builder or owner.

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