Find great log home house plans from a company with in-house designers that can make changes for you...

The best way to create your log home house plans is to find log home plans that you like...then have an experienced designer modify them for you. Why spend your time and money creating NEW blueprints...when the design you want probably exists already!

Even though you could work with a local designer, why go to that trouble, time and expense to start from the beginning with your design if you can find existing log home house open floor plans close to what you want?

Then, just make the changes you need. SIMPLE! AND it's cheaper and faster! A reputable log home house plans company will have thousands of clients across the USA.

Look carefully through log home house open floor plans because chances are, you'll find one that's close to what you're looking for. That's great news because it's easy to make any changes you'll need.

Why are log home house plans an important part of creating your dream?

That's because they will be what you and the builder use to build your home! The building inspector, the subcontractors and you ALL need a blueprint to follow for what's going to be constructed.

If it's available, obtain an electronic version if you'll be working with a local designer to make changes. Don't produce working copies until you know they are finished and ready to build from.

Search through websites with great designs and you can save a bundle if any one of them works for you. Enjoy!

You'll have many choices to make when deciding on your plans. You can decide between the manufactured style or perhaps you'll want the hand-crafted style.

These kinds of houses that are manufactured have wood that is milled to produce a certain shaped uniform log.

Lengths usually vary from about 10 feet to 18 feet. A design using manufactured logs can vary quite a lot in the home's appearance and style.

You can find basic kits that will only include the logs and fasteners or you can find nearly complete kits that will come with roof materials, windows, doors and more.

A hand-crafted design will have pieces where the bark has been stripped off. Each log is fit into its place in the wall by the crafts person. This kind of construction and design requires a lot of labor and will take longer to build which means the cost will be higher.

Which ever style of structure you decide to build, use the wide variety of information available online today. You may find log home house open floor plans, vacation home plans and recreational home plans that will interest you and are very close to what you are looking for.

Here is an example:

No matter what style of log home house plans you choose, if you can find existing ones that are close to what you want, you'll save time and money. Enjoy your search.

Books for house plans for log homes

The Log Home Plan Book - Favorite Plans, Decor and Advice by Cindy Teipner Thiede and Heather Mehra-Pederson.

This book has thirty favorite plans by designers and builders from all over the United States.

Each design illustrates beautifully landscaped home exteriors with interiors that will both educate and inspire you.

Using both pictures and plans results in a resource that is packed with practical advice, planning tips and information from the professional designers and builders of log homes.

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